Eyes of Children

Tragedy can strike at any moment. I don’t know if this is something you learn when you are really young. I learned it at a young age. It is virtually impossible to shield children from frightening imagery. I honestly do no believe that anyone should because it teaches the young how to react during horrible events.

After the Boston bombing, I have seen numerous people post Mr. Rogers quote. I think I saw the quote when another tragic even happened not too long ago. I have a difficult time remembering because carnage happens all the time. I don’t think that violence is justified, I think it is depressing.

Since last night, people were asking what to tell their children. What do you tell them? I would say approach it like an adult would, but that is with speculation and accusations. Maybe, approach it like a grown-up. Someone hurt these people. There are people there to help those who were hurt and they are looking for the person who did this.

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what age a person is; they are bound to see something horrible and will probably need to understand how to respond. The response should be to get out alive and help those around you while you help yourself. I think another good response is to find someone who can help. Teach children EMS and how to rescue people who are drowning. Teach them to help if there is a tragic event that they are experiencing.

They need to understand that in most cases there is nothing you can do. Those are situations when you are far away from events. I watch the news to see who did something and why. What can we do to prevent something from happening in the future? I try to understand the situation so I don’t speculate.

I think it would be helpful for the news to not play the same footage repeatedly. It just makes a tragedy that much worse. When 9/11 happened, they played the footage over and over again for a very long time. Now, the footage is played on the anniversary. This needs to stop because we are watching people die. I cannot count how many times I saw the footage of the Boston bombings. This needs to stop. It just makes the press just as demented as the person who committed the act.

You cannot shield anyone from horrific events that happened or that could happen in the future. Does anyone remember or know about Space Shuttle Challenger? I remember. I was a child when Challenger was launched on a Tuesday.

Everyone was excited because one of the crew members was a teacher. On the day of the launch, I was at school. The teachers brought a television into the classrooms so everyone could watch the teacher go to outer-space.  We watched the craft launch and next thing you know the tragedy unfolded. Space shuttle Challenger exploded in the sky; the crew did not survive the tragedy. It was a sad day for everyone.

You cannot shield children from horrible things; you should explain tragic events. You never know when and where tragedy is going to strike; it’s a fact. Children need to be taught to get back on their feet again when things like this happen. Children need to be taught how to help in a scary situation. Children need to be taught how to cope in a rational manner when tragedy happens.


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