Canine Control

     A rash of dognappings have been happening across the United States. Twin Falls, Idaho has counted about 30 cases of dogs that were stolen and brutally killed. Why would someone do this? I can’t even do my own dog’s nails without feeling guilty.

     The dogs that are being killed are of no particular breed. It’s not pit bulls; it’s various breeds. People across the country are speculating that dogs are being stolen for science experiments or dog fights. I think people should be more concerned that people are kidnapping dogs simply to kill them.

     I just don’t get it either. The dogs are not roaming the land like wolves and killing livestock. There is no reason for it. It almost looks like a serial killer in the making. They start with animals and move to people. Someone needs to get down to the bottom of this.

      I am more fascinated about the response to death and animal cruelty. People used to hunt wolves to near extinction. It bothers me when I see a bumper sticker making an ignorant statement about how wolves need to die. It bothers me just as much when people make mortifying comments that someone deserves to die for being cruel to animals. These are all living species.

     I think that the “wolf problem” is presented in a negative manner. I think there should be some news report about the importance of animal and gun control.

     There is a reason why guns are a requirement in some areas. Some people live in areas full of deadly wild animals. In Wilder, Idaho they have coyotes and cougars. They need to have a gun to protect themselves from wild life.

     Wolves need to be controlled for many reasons. Not only do they go after cattle, they can also cross-breed with dogs. Not that it is any different from centuries of cross-breeding, but I read recently that insurance companies may not cover wolves. Nevermind that the cross-breeding messes up a dog’s demeanor (it already has), your homeowner’s insurance could increase.

     I think that would be the reason why people are killing dogs because you never know when a dog will strike. I don’t think it justifies stealing Fido from someone’s front yard and bludgeoning it to death.

     I have a concern that my sweet schnauzer will be stolen from me. I have a microchip on him and he is licensed, but I am scared that someone will take my Frankenweenie. A dog is someone’s best friend. A dog is an investment. Nobody has the right to take anyone’s dog. If they do find a lost dog, they should return it to their owner.


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