Sorry, Miss Jackson

     I read the other day that Janet Jackson plans to retire from the music business to live with her rich husband. Will anyone notice? Really? I haven’t seen much about her other than the breast incident and the fiasco with her niece and nephews that makes her appear suspicious.

     When was the last time she released any music that was worth listening to? I consider her last album to be Velvet Rope. This seems to be the point of when she lost her popularity, but I enjoyed the album. Ever since Velvet Rope, it seems as though Janet had regurgitated everything she ever made and threw it into the recording studio.

     Have you watched any of her concerts? If you have watched one of her DVD’s from her tours, you have seen them all. I only have one concert on DVD and that is all I will ever need. Same music, same dance, and same just about everything. Boring.

     Speaking of concerts, she was on tour when I was in high school.  She was supposed to be performing in Boise and the concert was canceled.  Yes, perhaps I am holding a grudge, but good riddance. Nobody comes to Idaho. Prince or Madonna will not come to Idaho. You “entertainers” suck rotten eggs. I cannot afford to travel to another state to watch you let alone purchase the outrageously priced tickets.         

     The movies? Janet Jackson should have stopped at when she was on television. Kind of like how Jennifer Lopez never should have started making music. It just doesn’t work. I cannot remember watching anything good that Janet was in. I hated Poetic Justice and everything else that followed after.

     Can I say that anyone will notice if Janet just vanished off the face of the earth? Not really because I haven’t purchased any new music or watched any of her movies for a while. Will she be missed? Perhaps, in some desolate country.  The one thing I know for sure is that if Janet Jackson continued with the entertainment industry, we would be hearing and seeing the same thing over and over.


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