I Thought I Was Of Age?

     I think that if I lived in another country such as France, things would be different for me. I would obviously be of age to purchase alcohol.  I have been challenged so many times about my legal age to purchase alcohol and cigars.

     Even though someone asking for my card should be a compliment, it bothers me. I can’t even tell the truth about my age. I can say here that I am 35 and you can believe me because you cannot see me. In person, people think I am 25.

     If people think I am 25, why would I need to show my identification to prove my age. Also, why do they card you if you look like you are under the age of 40? The legal drinking age is not 40, it’s 21.

     I thought the legal age to purchase cigarettes was 18, I could be wrong because I never purchased tobacco until I was in my 30’s. I thought that the legal age for drinking in the United states was 21. It’s not 30 or 40, it is 21. Give me a break!

     It causes a great deal of annoyance if I go to the cigarette store on 12th avenue in Nampa, Idaho. It just gives people with silver hair an opportunity to discriminate against those who are younger. If you look close enough, I have silver hair.

     I don’t think any less of people who are younger or older. Where does it say that you must have salt and pepper hair to purchase this product? I cannot help feeling offended if an associate at Walmart is carding me. The legal age is 21 and she was laughing, “And you are definitely under 40!” No. really? Why don’t you remind me of how close I am to being close to 40?

     Thanks for the compliment, but no thanks. There is already enough discrimination. Why not try to make it stop for once?  In most countries, it is legal for people who are even younger to drink. Our legal age is 21; not 30 or 40.


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