The Real Reason to Be Offended

     I believe that people are offended for the wrong reasons. We should be offended by people who rape and molest others. We should be offended by people abusing others. Why are we offended by a teacher teaching from the book assigned to students?

     This could be an age-old question. What is wrong with learning about anything instead of learning the wrong or dangerous way? What century are we in? Did you know that it is 2013?

     If I had children, I would hope that they are learning more from their teachers or me rather than their peers. I don’t know what kind of living environment their peers are living in. The peers may know things that are more offensive than what a teacher is teaching.

     I learned all my dirty jokes from other children my age in the first grade. Did I understand their jokes? No. Did they understand the jokes they were telling? Perhaps, it is hard to determine if they may or may not be experienced.

     People have a lack of discipline simply because we shield the young ones from reality. If we are not medicating them, they are being labeled and locked away. If we are not doing that, we are preventing credible information from being taught to students.

     The result is negative. We have ignorant people justifying rape by saying that it happens all the time. We have journalists giving young rapists empathy. We have people against birth control and abortion and not making an effort to care about children who have parents who cannot afford to care for them. We have a teacher who is in trouble for educating sex and saying vagina and orgasm.

     Schools do not have a class for etiquette anymore. Sex education is vital at this point. Teaching about it would help teach students the outcome of not listening to someone tell them no. This would teach students to wait to have sex instead of learning from their peers or having intercourse with a teacher.

     We need to start teaching students responsibility before they make it to the outside world.  How are they supposed to learn? If they are not taught anything and by credible sources, the vicious cycle of molestation, rape, teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases will continue.


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