City of Islands

     They say that Boise is French for City of Trees. I never understood why because I see more trees in a forest than in Boise. What I do see many of are islands in the road.

     You cannot drive anywhere in Boise without running into islands. You can drive in one direction and one direction only in Boise. That direction is: away. Ultimately, you drive in the opposite direction than where you want or need to go.

     If you plan on going home, you cannot make any stops. No stopping at the grocery store, gas station, or for a cup ‘o’ Joe. Nope, you must continue on. It’s insanity. You can’t even get into a business establishment for a new set of tires or sandwich.

     Broadway road is a prime example of this inconvenience. You have to make a few U-turns before you finally locate the road. You are lucky if you can turn onto the road without needing to take another u-turn at an intersection.

     The reason I would make this point is that the issue is just as bad on Eagle road. If you want to go to Discount Tire or Jimmy Johns, you have to do a U-turn in one of the islands or wait until you get to the turn light. There is a perfectly good spot to turn into the establishment, but that is designated for those who need to do a u-turn in the opposite direction.

     What purpose does it serve? I doubt the purpose is to prevent any accidents. You have to do a u-turn on a busy road. It seems as though placing islands in the middle of the road is a waste of money. The situation is out of control. It just shows that people really do not know how to drive in Boise.


2 thoughts on “City of Islands

  1. If you drive into the city from the east it’s easy to understand how it got that nickname (Although I don’t know how old that nickname is). After you walk through a few hundred miles of sage brush Boise starts to look like the Amazon forest.

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