One Year Without Cable?

     Try four years without any television. I read a headline about what an individual learned from living without cable for one year. I was terminated from DirecTv about four years ago.

     For about two years I had DirecTv. It was free service and I had everything. When I lost my job, I didn’t want them to make any money off of me. They turned my life into a living hell, why should I pay them?

   I thought I would work there for a long time. I always heard that the job was stable since people want their television. One thing I learned about the economy, there are no such thing as stable jobs regardless if you have a degree or not. Needless to say, I never purchased anything to pick up a local television signal.

     I purchased an antenna from Big Lots. The antenna will only pick up a signal for PBS, Spanish, shopping networks, and KTVB with pixels. I have not been able to watch other channels for the past four years.

     No DVR. I cannot bookmark my favorite parts of shows. I cannot fast-forward through commercials. I cannot pause television to go make dinner. I cannot record from the Internet.

     No fun features. I do not have On Demand. I cannot play games on a receiver. I cannot push the interactive button that shows me the weather, horoscopes, or what shows are popular. Nothing.

      No cool channels. I cannot watch shows like Conan O’Brien on TBS. I cannot watch Ancient Aliens on History Channel. I cannot watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. I cannot watch Californication on Showtime. Nothing!

     Some people think less of me for not having television. I can’t help it. I never purchased the equipment for television. It’s not a lifestyle choice. I was foolish by listening to someone at DirecTv. Sure, I thought I was going to work there until the end of time.

     Watch television online? I cannot afford a good Internet connection, so I cannot watch shows on Hulu or YouTube. I try and I fail. I try to watch Conan on, but the connection is awful. I can listen to the radio online, but not while I am playing games like Castleville and Farmville 2.

     So, no I don’t have television. I have not had it for about four years. That person who has not had television for a year has nothing to complain about. At least I have Internet because I wouldn’t be able to do the things I do now without it. I go crazy when my service is not working.


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