Those Wretched Teens

     Agism is when an age group is discriminated. Idaho is good at agism and targets teenagers.  I never experienced agism until I moved to Boise.

     I was attending Borah High School. When I was attending, the students griped about how the police harassed them because they had a Borah parking permit in their window. This was false because the police never pulled me over. They never pulled me over because I was not driving like a maniac. Don’t want cops bugging you? Don’t break the law.

     When something terrible did happen and I  was not doing anything, the police treated me like dirt. They were condescending and sarcastic. This is how I learned that I must chew out their boss if they are being inconsiderate jerks.

     When I was graduating from high school, a law from the 1920’s came to light. Idaho passed a fornication law that forbid people from having premarital intercourse.  In Emmett, a pregnant teenager and her boyfriend were fined for breaking this law. Why had this law vanish and come back all of a sudden? Teenagers get pregnant all the time.

     There was a huge fuss about it. People argued that the law should apply to everyone, including adults. The couple made it onto a talk show (I think it was Geraldo) to speak about the ordeal. Just when you thought people were done attacking this young couple, they continued to use this law against random teen parents.

     Idaho passed a law against texting and driving. I don’t know why we would just limit distracted driving to texting. Some people swerve while they do make-up while driving.  Some people have a television in the car and those sometimes distract me at night.

     Today, I saw on KTVB that teens are being targeted for cell phone use in their car. We already have a law against texting and driving. How is talking on a cell phone different from talking to a passenger in the car? Why limit laws to just teenagers?

     It just comes to show that Idaho discriminates against teens. I think it is a double standard when an adult can talk on a cell phone while a teenager cannot.


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