Good Eats In Nampa, Idaho

     I think that a good restaurant in Nampa, Idaho is difficult to find. When I first moved here, I was brought to places that call themselves Mexican restaurants or Sizzler. Sizzler smells like they clean their floor with sewage water.

     I still travel to Boise for anything. I go there for a good gyro on State Street at Mezzah. I go to Kyotos for Karen Rolls and miso soup. I go to Cobby’s for the #24 turkey avocado sandwich. Do you see I consistently gripe that nothing is located in Nampa? Finding a place to go is a challenge.

     Nice places do exist in Nampa in the nooks and crannies. I will list off the best places to eat that I have discovered.

     The best Hawaiian food is on Garrity called Island Kine Grinds. The food smells awesome. I don’t know what they put on the rice, but it is delicious. I have never had Hawaiian food and this is an excellent place to go if you want to try some.

     I think there is a tie between the best Mexican food. Jalapenos and El Tanampa are excellent and vibrant places. El Tenampa makes this excellent coleslaw. They take coleslaw and mix it with lime juice and cilantro. I think it is addicting. Jalepenos makes the best fried ice cream in the world. They are generous with the vanilla ice cream and it looks like a gigantic sundae. Both restaurants have good margaritas.

     Nampa is overwhelmed with Chinese restaurants. Some good ones are hard to find and some are questionable. Quick Wok on 12th is good, but the staff is leaves me wondering if I will end up in the emergency room. Their nails and teeth look like they came straight out of a meth lab.

     Hong Kong Restaurant is a nice establishment. I think it is a good place to go if you want a nice, quiet place to eat. Most people do not enjoy this restaurant. I agree, the food isn’t always top-notch. They can make really good food. 

     Krung Thai is the best place to go for sushi and Thai food. The atmosphere is interesting with mismatched curtains, gods on the walls, and teeny tiny baskets of fruit for sale in the display case. They make a good Dragon Roll and Spider Roll. The Thai food is excellent. Anything with peanut sauce is to die for and the rice smells like jasmine. The soup is amazing and they serve it in a cool metal potpourri bowl that has a fire underneath.

     I hope the short list I compiled is helpful if you cannot think of anywhere to go. Soon I will journey to check out the other sushi restaurant, Dutch Goose, and compare the Mongolian restaurants in the area.


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