Assault Shovel

     I don’t know if I said this earlier, and I think I did, the accusations will come rolling in. It happens after every tragic shooting. A child will be suspended for wearing a kilt, a shirt with profanity, or for having purple hair.

     Recently, a girl was suspended from school for dying her hair red. I would find this offensive if I had red hair because this would be going back to the days when the Irish were called Irish Monkeys. Back in the day, they were segregated along with African Americans.

     I do not believe that changing the color of your hair affects your attitude. Heck, piercings and tattoos do not change your personality. I do not understand where the logic is when someone judges you for your appearance.

     When I went to school, there was this girl who suddenly had these piercings. She didn’t seem like a violent person nor was she a threat. People were judgemental of her.

     Even in the workplace, people are challenged. My mother has tattoos. She worked at a girl’s home and had to cover her ink. I guess they were afraid of her negatively influencing the girls. The girls are in the home because most of them ran away, they were already influenced in a negative manner.

     The other day, the Meridian school district had a gun scare. The news spread like a wild-fire thanks to social media. Then the news reported that a student had brought a military folding shovel.

     For the past month, I had been reading reports that schools in Idaho want to arm resource officers. Really, I thought they already had a gun. According to the reports about the folding shovel, a student and someone who works for the school saw the individual with a weapon. Did they think that the student was planning on creating a mass grave?

      Here is my question for you. Why should we arm a school with weapons when they cannot tell the difference between a shovel and an assault weapon? Perhaps, we should hire someone who can tell the difference to guard the school instead.

     Have you seen the commercials with the group of homeless men singing Christmas songs? It is about the veterans who live on the streets. Give them a job. They are trained on military weapons and people have brought military weapons to the tragic shootings in this country.

     I think it makes sense to think about something before making a decision. Someone dresses funny, well, it is none of your business. Many teens will dress to stand out, this is one way to practice being an independent individual. I really do not feel comfortable with arming the faculty at any school in Idaho. School bullying is not okay simply because school bullying has existed for a long time. I think it is time to take action and start coming up with new ideas to accommodate the society of today.


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