Speak English!

Where would you be without someone to call if there is a problem with billing or service? Where would you be if there was an issue late at night? It is virtually impossible to imagine life without call centers. I think it is difficult to imagine life without 24 hour customer service.

Some people are up in the wee hours of the morning making phone calls. They could be people watching some early morning adult pay per view who are past due on his or her bill or experiencing a technical problem. Maybe there was vandalism and the individual needs to make phone calls to the local authorities or call different credit cards to cancel and change account numbers. Whatever it is, beyond normal sleeping hours, people are awake and dialing away.

Most call centers have a staff around the clock while most are not. In order to handle the entire workload, call centers outsource. Most people will argue that the call centers abroad are to handle additional work such as other languages. Let’s face it, not all companies are really 24/7. Not all companies want to pay the required wage within the United States, either. Just look at Walmart and their precious clothing line.

I work at a call center in Idaho. This is pretty funny because most people do not consider Idaho to be part of America. This is true. I have witnessed first hand the ignorance of this country. On a rare occasion, someone has accused someone here in America for being a foreigner. I have a good ol’ American, Western accent.

Granted, there are programs out there that teach people overseas to speak with an “American accent.” It’s a fact. Does it really matter? I know people in Idaho call centers with Hispanic, Scottish, English, and Asian accents. What difference does it make? We are not outsourcing. Outsourcing means that we are giving jobs to people in other countries. If you are speaking to someone in another country, then we are outsourcing.

People do tend to get confused about that, especially when they are on a tangent. Seriously, they gripe at me about outsourcing. People get pissed because they are not specifically talking to the company I work for. Yes, I did start out with a temp agency. I work directly for the company now. Without me, you would not have anyone to speak to to fix whatever issue you are having. The people who make your product do not work at a call center and will not be able to speak to you because they are not there. The programmers for your television service will not be at the call center. CEO’s are not at call centers to accept your call.

I agree with the fact that someone part of another culture is challenged with communicating with an American on the same level. Every country has a different way of communicating. If you are calling the Philippines  they will not understand you because they are following scripting verbatim and as a result they do not have empathy or a personality. It agitates me. I hate talking to someone who is not listening to me because they are too obsessed with that stupid script. No, I am not trying to troubleshoot why I am not getting my statement; I’m trying to view my statement online, you twit!

I don’t get people sometimes. I will see ignorance about pressing one for English. What exactly are you afraid of? Being smarter for understanding a second language? I wish I knew more than English because that would make me the person to turn to. I would be someone who many companies desire because they are looking for those who are bilingual. You make more money when you are bilingual. You can communicate and learn from other cultures by understanding other languages.

When I was younger, I thought that talking in tongues meant speaking various languages. This is not the case. Speaking in tongues basically meant those who get drunk and disorderly. Speaking with spirits implies that someone had been drinking some spirits and went out to spread the word of the Bible. What I am trying to say is that there isn’t a reason to complain about pressing one for English or speaking to people in other countries. How are we going to get along with other countries when we are whining about talking to people abroad?

We do need jobs here in America. Let’s do something about it. Declaring how ignorant you are about speaking to foreigners will get you nowhere. The only way to fix this issue is to fight against those who are against unions. Unions fight to keep jobs here. Maybe we should try to encourage call centers overseas to stand up against low wages. We are calling them are we not? Take advantage of the situation. Maybe companies will understand for once that we really can outwit them.


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