Must Know Dogs

     My family is a dog family and I have been around dogs my whole life. Owning a dog is still a learning process. Owning a dog is way different from owning a cat. The only similarities are keeping up with immunization and spaying and neutering.

     I have had plenty of felines. They don’t need too much. Clean litter box and make sure you should not suddenly change their diet. I learned that the hard way. I switched cat food and this caused Tigger to have a bladder problem.

     Dogs are more complicated, especially in Nampa.  I am challenged left and right with not meeting required standards of dog ownership. For instance, dog licence and rabies shot. Simple, right? Nope.

     You need a rabies shot for a licence. Nobody, and I mean nobody, does rabies shots. You have to go to another town such as Boise or Caldwell to get rabies shots. Then you have to go back to Nampa for a licence at the Humane Society. The Humane Society in Nampa, Idaho does not do rabies shots.

     Not only that, it’s hard to locate any veterinary care in Nampa. If you do, you have to drive to the country. The vets in Nampa are not 24 hours a day. If you need 24 hour care, you need to drive to Boise.

     The major thing about dogs that I wish I knew was the fact that they have anal glands.  You never know they have them until something happens such as the glands rupturing. It’s expensive, they get infected, and every vet talks to you about an expensive procedure to remove them.

     The glands are what dogs use to identify each other. They determine age and gender. The glands are the reason why dogs sniff each other or scoot their bottoms on the floor.

     My dog, Frank, needs surgery to remove them. They have been having problems for about two years and is becoming more frequent. If it is not one thing it is another. I have to wait until March and he is making it impossible.

     I wish that owning a dog was as easy as owning a cat. Nampa has an ordinance on dogs and not cats. People can have as many cats in the world and not take care of them and not worry about being charged with animal cruelty. I can only have two dogs or less. If I do not have a licence, I could face a fine.


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