Tip? Find a Better Paying Job

Applebees terminated an employee that posted a picture of someone leaving a snarky remark on the receipt. I noticed people making remarks to boycott Applebees. I think the ones who are upset are the ones that work for them or relatives of people who work for Applebees. I think that Applebees made a smart move by terminating someone for acting in an irrational manner.

The customer was wrong for writing a remark on the receipt and should not have written anything at all. That does not matter, because  the one being served…was the CUSTOMER. Customers are not the ones to provide customer service. An employee, whether they like it or not, needs to let negative behavior roll down his or her back. No matter what occupation, you have to put up with this kind of behavior.

People let their inhibitions run free whether they are talking on the phone or out in public. There are no laws against it and no rules in employee handbooks that tell us to reprimand customers for being jerks. In fact, employees who provide bad customer service are the ones who are fired. You cannot terminate or write-up a customer.

McDonald’s seems to believe that they can treat customers how they wish. I got a ticket for disturbing the peace when their employees were being rude and the manager came out to tell me, “Well, you’re a fucking bitch.” Which in turn provoked me to come in and start yelling at them for being rude. I counter sued and I won because they instigated it. People don’t want to eat at Applebees for terminating an employee for being immature?

The waitresses at Red Lobster stalk patrons for a tip. My brother took the family out to eat. Because of the payment method Red Lobster did accept at the time, he did not have enough to tip the waitress. The waitress stalked him to ask if she did anything wrong. The employee at Applebees didn’t get a tip and posted it online a picture of a snarky remark made by a patron. Give me a break. I think terminating the employee was valid.

If you work at a restaurant, chances are you may be working less than minimum wage. Finding work is challenging, yes. If you do not make enough where you work, it is time to find a different job. I do not believe it is right to take it out on rude customers if the customer does not leave a tip. If you are depending on tips, evidently, you need to find a different occupation.


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