Where Children Fear to Tread

     What kind of planet do we live on? We let things happen to children. Pro-life activists fight so hard for people to breed and could care less about you after a child is born. 

     We live in a world where people evidently think it is okay to shoot the young. Is this an example that we want to set? I certainly don’t believe so because these are the beings who are going to be on planet Earth after we die. I think we need to be teaching children how to make this world better. If nothing is done about the trials and tribulations of our home, people will ultimately perish from it.

     Trayvon Martin was a teenager. He was shot by a grown man. I don’t care if there was a fight. You do not shoot a teenager. I do not care who you are or if there is a self-protection law, you do not shoot a teenager. Nothing justifies that.

     Taliban shot Malala in front of her peers on the bus as punishment for her simply wanting education. What makes people think this is okay? She was a child. If the Taliban’s intentions are to implement traditional Islamic law, why kill children? What makes it okay to shoot at children? Malala is a strong and intelligent character. This is the type of being that you mold into something good.

      Who are the morons that keep trying to protest against funerals? Not only do they do it to those in the military; they also protest at the funerals for Sandy Hook. These are children who lost their lives in a horrific manner. What gives you the right to protest against this? These were innocent children who are not completely aware of politics and these idiots are turning it into a political situation. What is wrong with these people?

     I am left speechless because we live on a planet that thinks it is okay to shoot at children, but refuse birth control. I am left speechless because we are stopping at nothing to destroy our future by denying the past and present. Deny school shootings, WTC, and holocausts? These events really did happen. These events continue to happen.

     Why do we deny such tragedy? Avoiding the facts will not make problems go away. Why turn an event into a question of race or if it really happened? Ignorance does not do anything, but make problems worse.


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