Any Intelligent Life Forms?

     Hello, once again! Sorry, I have been away. I was taking an adventure in the world of adulthood.

     I have been reading a few reports that has indicated how intelligent America is. Our country appears to be turning into Star Wars without the training for light sabers or lazer guns. 

     There was a gun show where some people were injured. Would this not educate us that there is a lack of responsibility when it comes to gun control? What is it with our love of guns?

     Some people seem to believe that the government will turn against us. Well, I think they already did considering the experiments they have done on people who never suspected it. We don’t need guns to defend ourselves from the government. We need a lawyer. Look at the financial disaster. The imaginary fiscal cliff.

     The fiscal cliff was invented to possibly bring to our attention the irresponsible spending habits of the government. Even though we avoided the supposed fiscal cliff our taxes still went up.

     The other outrageous thing? The government wanted to build a “death star.” Why in the world do we need with a death star? Is this fiction or are they for real? I think it is obvious that the government has a spending problem. They need a therapist…on second thought that will cost us money. We need a lawyer.

     I invisioned multiple countries building death stars. If we launched one, everyone else will. Then, everyone will begin to fight each other with their death stars. Seriously, what do we need with one?

     Is it to take over more indigenous tribes on other planets? I can picture it now. Racial turmoil brought on by us on another planet. Maybe the other race of beings will know what to do with us if we try to take their land over. Wouldn’t that be a change? Think about it, they probably have better technology than we do and could blow up that precious death star. Then where will we be? Broke and angry because we wasted our money on a death star after avoiding a fiscal cliff.


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