Are You Sure?

     When I go shopping, I tend to feel overwhelmed when I am checking out. I already have in mind what I want. I do not always make a list because I know what I enjoy.

     I have no choice but to use my debit card. I have to go through so much trouble with checks as though I am a fraudster. Do I write fraudulent checks? No.  Is it too much trouble to read an identification when it is asked for?

     Obviously, yes because people ultimately write a fraudulent check and it is cashed. Also, you never know if the check will bounce. Does a debit card offer reassurance? Possibly, but not every company uses a system that can determine that immediately.

     I dislike the card readers because they ask you so many questions. All I want to do is swipe my card because I already know the total amount the cashier gave to me. I hate it.

     Kmart’s card reader will give you a survey. The reason they do this? Perhaps they are planning to build another store closer to town. I’m not sure what difference it makes because they do not look very busy anyway. Drives me crazy. If that wasn’t bad enough, normally they have some con artist in the store selling cheesy jewelery.

     If I go to the Dollar Tree, Walmart, or a gas station I have to answer a few questions before I get my receipt.

      Does this amount appear correct?

     Do you want it all on one card?

     Do you want a receipt?

     Do you want a carwash, perhaps a coffee?

     Do you want a newspaper? How much do you weight? When did you last have intercourse? It’s none of your business. I just want my freaking receipt. Why do we have to be bombarded with questions? I’m in a hurry to get to work.


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