Student Loan Mess

I don’t know how to break it to you people, but this student loan business is a mess. We need to do something about it. Not paying for it is making it worse. Trillion dollar student loan debt, people! We are probably at the same level as credit card debt.

Hilary Clinton and President Obama told us Americans how we would be worth so much more money with a degree. Obama has been so proud of the new employment opportunities. The new employment opportunities? These opportunities pay minimum wage. Minimum wage is not going to pay for a degree.

A majority of the people going back to college are 35 and over. 35 and over do not want to be working for minimum wage. Most of us own a home and do not want to be living with our parents.

$7 to $11 an hour does not pay for commuting, house, and student loan payment. This is a mess. Colleges and the government are using rhetorical devices for us to go for a Bachelor’s degree. An Associate degree can be $25,000. Just imagine how much it is to earn a Bachelors when the only jobs are available are about $10 an hour. Think about it.

Why are we trying to earn a degree for imaginary employment? I am not looking for a career. I’m looking for something that is not a call center. I am looking for something that pays me more money. I need a better income to pay for my student loan.

I cannot afford a $90 car payment. I had to “pay” for that loan with my credit card. I am still paying that. I was told by Nelnet that I can pay $67 a month only to discover (without them contacting me) that I have to pay $98 a month on my student loan. They say that the Department of Education is in charge of this. They say that if I had another student loan, it can be lowered. Why in the hell would I want to get another student loan? I am never going back to college ever again. This is not a better life that University of Phoenix said it was going to be.

Why are we trying to force people into debt? Do you know we are at a trillion-dollar student loan debt? Banks claim it is a good debt. If it is such a good debt, why does it affect your Fico score? Even better yet, what is the point of a good credit rating? To get a car? A mortgage? Nothing is worth a good credit score.

People, we need to get together to stop this nonsense. We need to make it against the law for pushy sales. We need to make people aware that college is for career goals, not a better paying job that doesn’t exist. I still don’t know why I went to college nor do I know what my degree is for. Is that not saying something? People who want to go to college should be encouraged to attend, not people who don’t know what they want with life.


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