Internet Killed the Television Star

     So, I have been looking for inspiration on a budget. Things have changed so much since I first began conducting research as a child. I think I wrote an essay about this while I was attending college.

     Back when I was going to school, people looked through files at the library and had to decipher the Dewey Decimal system. That was never easy for me because I was the type of kid who didn’t understand how to read the schedule in TV Guide. I was a weird child, I know.

     When I went to the library, they had books and magazines. The magazines were awesome because they were up-to-date on current events. Research by journalists was tedious. They had to search for articles to understand the history of a topic. They had to do footwork by locating people to interview.

     Now, people conduct research online. The system at the library is all in their database on a computer. I don’t know if they still have rows of drawers full of index cards. They probably do and they are probably tucked away in a corner.

     Since people depend on the Internet for information, I have trouble locating information that I really need. I don’t know how reliable a source is because people merely place his or her opinion online for the public to see. It’s not always an educated opinion.

     I think that television and magazines are dead.  I do not believe it is completely the Internet’s fault.  You can read and watch everything online. People download articles from the Internet and read it on their radio paper device. Which I think is cool because you have less stuff to carry.

      I was thinking about this while I was looking for a magazine. Time magazine published a magazine about man-made objects. The magazine is $10. I wanted to read the article about why we explore in National Geographic, but they wanted $7.

     What they want is your lunch money. Magazines are expensive! I do have subscriptions mind you. I have Allure and Glamor and I think I paid $10 per subscription. If I had it my way, I would be getting all kinds of magazines. I miss Premiere! I loved my Shape and Cosmo!

     With the cost of magazines and books, I am not surprised that people are turning to the Internet for information. I tried purchasing a book about Buddhism and it was a tiny book for $12! I have no choice, but to go online and barter books and purchase them online. I will even go into a used book store when I have the time.

     Sadly, the old forms of media are deceased. If you think about it, this is beneficial to the environment. The downside is that you will not be able to see the full picture with the information online.


2 thoughts on “Internet Killed the Television Star

  1. Sometimes I think about how much faster Internet is. Pretty soon, if we think of a webpage it will appear. Maybe, it will enable us to use telepathy to acquire information…nah that’s just crazy talk lol. I cannot even fathom how we will do research in the future.

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