Banana, Who?

My father stated recently that parenting does not come with an owners manual. This came after a comment I made about people who lose their children. I mentioned that I was surprised that there were not people that came to take me and my brother away. Parenting may not come with an owners manual, but common sense should still be used. You don’t need an owners manual.

Common sense is not growing marijuana in the backyard or making any drugs for that matter. Common sense is not doing harm to your child such as striking, burning, or gluing any area of his or her body. Common sense is not locking the child into their room. What should be done instead is taking technology away and telling children to go to their room. Maybe tell them to clean their room or do chores.

Most people in society frown on spanking or using soap to wash someone’s mouth out when they use profane language. In a way, I can understand. On the other hand, I do not understand their point of view. When I caused trouble, I was spanked. When I cussed, my mouth was washed out with soap. I turned out fine and I swear like a sailor now. I am disciplined to know better.

I think that most parents are too concerned with disciplining their children. Most parents do not do anything when their child is a hellion. As a result, children are running amok in a store or restaurant. Children are bullying others because nobody taught them how to respect others. Videos on Youtube prove that parents are encouraging poor behavior.

Eventually, children grow up into an adult. If they had never been disciplined and taught that treating others like garbage is okay, they will continue to behave poorly as adults. I have witnessed adults who have parents that nurture their bad behavior. Their parents either continue to let them live in their home. I think it is fine if you let your adult offspring live in your home. You may have a problem if they don’t have a job after several months and still using you as a taxi.

What I have a problem with is when they are living in my house. I have noticed that people who have never been disciplined make irresponsible choices and blame everyone else for the problem in order to save themselves. One drank like a fish and was on probation for  a DUI. He continued to drink, got his car back, and then had his licence revoked again.

Zack blamed my boyfriend at the time for his drunk driving. Why? Because he wasn’t playing taxi and taking him to the store for more beer? He blamed us for everything. Zack made the decision to not pay rent on time, drink, and have minors over to drink. I got sick of it and gave him his three days. His grandparents tried to defend him. They tried to convince me it was against the law to evict him during the winter. They tried to blame me for him getting a ticket for giving minors alcohol. I showed them the rules stating this behavior was not allowed, the grandmother tore up the rules.

This is a reflection of poor parenting. Their grandson was committing crime and they were babying him. His parents were babying him. I do not think it is right. I was reminded of this incident when the patas monkey was killed at the Boise Zoo in November. Family members are defending the person who broke into the zoo. They are making all of these statements to make his actions justified.

People said that he wanted pictures with the monkey. Micheal Watkins claimed that he was defending himself. He shouldn’t have been in their in the first place! What was he doing breaking into a zoo and getting into a cage with a deadly animal? Nothing justifies this! His parents try to convince others that he is such as good kid. His sister tried to lecture others about their remarks. Yes, it is wrong for people to make violent sentiments about this. He really does need to be locked up and the mother of his child may need to reconsider a relationship with this person. Watkins may be a “good kid,” but he does have a criminal record.

This action killed a species people believe are closely related to humans. If you think about it, the monkey could have been a human. Do you think self defense would hold up in the court of law in the state of Idaho? No, it does not. This action cost the City of Boise $100,000 dollars. Zoo Boise had to get more patas monkeys or they would have lost the surviving monkey. To be quite honest, Watkins should be the one to pay for the new monkeys and the new exhibit.

I think that Zoo Boise should have had a proper security system to begin with. This does not make Watkins actions of breaking into the zoo right at all. As a result, virtually the entire world is enraged at Watkins for killing a monkey.

I don’t know what his family life is like. I know people who have been in juvenile detention and prison and they still cause trouble. It just looks to me that their is a lack of discipline. If I were to have children, I would hate to see them become an enemy to anyone. I would make an effort to teach them right from wrong starting from the day that they are born until I pass away.


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