Ban Personality Tests

I think that personality tests are pointless and a way of conveying a message that a company is too incompetent to hire someone using good judgement. Whatever happened to interviews? Most companies don’t have interviews. Companies are so obsessed with technology and getting things done quickly the human element is gone.

Before I went to college, I took personality tests at places that do not pay very well. What is so special about these jobs? Nothing. Hollywood Video had personality tests when their associates lacked customer service. They glared at the customers. I took personality tests at Hastings and that is a minimum wage job. I took a personality test at Walmart and they tell me that I am “high risk.” The managers have no idea what it means either.

I do not see the point. I know people who work at Walmart. People know that I am trustworthy and that I am not going to harm the company in any way, shape, or form. When I moved to Nampa, my first room mate worked for Walmart. She was terminated for stealing their merchandise. I’m high risk? Some people who work for them are known child molesters and I’m high risk?

We need to ban personality tests. They are not worth taking and it prevents trustworthy people from getting work. The jobs do not even pay enough money to make a test worth it.


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