Hand Outs From The Devil

     I was chatting with a friend who lives in the Middle East who is a Muslim. During the elections, he was asking me a few questions about the campaign and the personality of America.  They were interesting questions because I was getting more insight about the point of view of our country overseas.

     The first question he asked me was if America was homosexual. He stated that our country has a high percentage of them. I thought about this in great detail. It would explain one reason why it is difficult to find a significant other. Other reasons are that many men my age are pedophiles, cheating on his wife, or we have more women than men in the state of Idaho.

     I told him that it isn’t the case. There may be a large population of homosexuals in America, however many of them are in the closet because of the fact that America is violent toward minority groups and same-sex couples. He was shocked by my answer. Little does he know that people are shooting those who look like Muslims when they are actually sikh.  The other issue is people who keep burning the Quran. With hateful actions in mind, I told him that the information was a fallacy.

     The other question he asked is if we depend on our government. I told him that would be like asking for candy from the devil. Granted, the government helped me with providing heat in the house. I never depend on them for anything else.

     I have a hard time trusting people who experiment and pollute our environment without informing American citizens. As far as I know they have experimented with nuclear weapons, drugs, and STDs.

     The nuclear tests created nuclear clouds that settled into valleys. Most states are receiving compensation from the government because of this. Most states, like Idaho,  are disregarded because most people do not have the gumption to have a class action lawsuit against the government.

     Back in the day, the government experimented with LSD. Most of the people they did tests on were not aware of this happening. They also did this with sexually transmitted diseases. If the government uses Americans as guinea pigs, why should we depend on them for anything.

     In addition to that, we have authorities and politicians getting arrested for embezzlement and DUIs. We still have an issue with someone who had embezzled money from Canyon County and turned around to sue them over the accusations. He continues to get arrested for his dishonest actions to this very day.

     Crapo was arrested for a DUI recently. Sadly, this does not surprise me. If the police are driving under the influence, politicians are doing the same thing.  We need tougher mandates on people who run for office. In fact, I honestly think that the government needs to be renovated.

     I think that around the globe people face a corrupt government. If this is not the case, Egypt would not have had riots.  Historically, we have taken action to make changes. It looks like it is time to once again change the government to better manage the society of today; not yesterday.


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