Religion and Politics

     I know it has been a while since the presidential elections. There has been so much on my mind, it is challenging to write about everything that I am thinking about in regards to politics.

     I am baffled because of the fact that we are living in the present. I heard so much ignorance about race, religion, and sexuality. There are so many people who are more willing to control your life than their own.

     For starters, I do not vote with my hormones nor do I want people to tell me what I should and should not do with my own body. I certainly feel uncomfortable with a politician stating that a woman’s body shuts down during rape. This is a clear sign that this politician is a rapist. Thankfully, he lost.

     What are we doing letting religion play a role in politics? My religious freedom to not practice any faith had been violated.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if King Henry and Queen Elizabeth rose from the dead and competed in the presidential campaign.

     People are still talking about religion and the political campaign.  People talk about the fact that Romney won the votes from the Latter Day Saints. Then people are talking about how Obama won the Hispanic Catholic race. Really?

     Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group in the United States. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam is probably a faith larger than LDS and many people hate the Latter Day Saints more than Muslims. Historically, this has been the case since the LDS faith existed in America.

     What is interesting about this observation is that there was a member of the Latter Day Saints who ran for president before. This was when Abraham Lincoln was running for president.

     The founder of the Latter Day Saints, John Smith, ran for president and was up against Lincoln in Illinois. At the time (and now) people were concerned that Latter Day Saints were polygamists and deemed it immoral. Mormons were being chased from state to state until they found Zion in Idaho and Utah.

     Before Mormon’s fled Illinois, John Smith was arrested. A lynch mob made it into the jail he was in and killed him. I think of this story because of the fact that people compare President Obama with President Lincoln.

     I think about the people who were lynching chairs to symbolize hanging Obama. He was competing against Romney who was a Mormon and a Mormon was lynched when Lincoln was running for president. As similar as the recent the campaign was with Lincoln,  it was as though we stepped through the mirror of modern times.

     What I think is slightly unusual was the fact that Romney won 90% of the votes in Idaho. The reason why I am not surprised is the fact that Idaho is ignorant and would vote for Romney. That is why Chic a Fila opened here of all places. The reason I am shocked is because Idahoans are spiteful.

     People here hate bicyclists, Californians, and Mormons. There was even an anti-Mormon movement during the 1800’s. Mormon’s were segregated and stores existed dictating where Mormon’s and non-Mormon’s could shop. Every once in a while, anti-Mormon movements begin and fade away.

     I believe that religion does not play a role in the way people vote nor should it. When we do that, it does go against what different faiths believe in. We have done it many times before and failed miserably every time.


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