What Does Mental Illness Mean?

What is a mental illness exactly? I have read comments that Adam Lanza was not mentally unstable and that he made a poor decision. Well, he did plan this catastrophe and yes he was messed up in the head for planning it. Some are pointing fingers and trying to find the answer. I listened to a report on NPR tonight and I think that it is total crap.

There was no way that school shootings can be stopped. Can car bombers be predicted? Columbine had a surveillance system that recorded this horror. What is this system for? It didn’t stop them. A security system was installed in Sandy Point that locks the doors after 9 Am. This never stopped the shootings. He shot his way through into the school with stolen guns. I already know that arming the faculty is not the answer because they have no self control whatsoever.

Some people try to predict school violence through negative behavior  I am waiting to begin reading reports about students who are expelled for wearing the wrong  color shirt or a kilt to school. The report on NPR basically mentioned that we should watch out for people who “act out.” Really?

I never went on a rampage at school. People bullied me and I acted out against this. I never gathered guns and ammunition for revenge. I may write things down to make fun of bullies and the school system. Why? Because they hate that. Writing negative information about your school or classmates is similar to writing negative comments about your job on Facebook and Twitter. People picked on me, I never wanted them to die. I wanted them to have some inkling of emotion and empathy.

I know what it is going to come to and it is going to effect you and your child. Accusations are going to fly. The children are going to be placed on more medication. Schools think that medication is the answer.

I was labelled as “Severely and Mentally Disturbed.” I was placed on every anti-depressant from Prozac to Zoloft. Mrs. Slagle gave me the opportunity to leave special education. She told me how I do not fit in with my peers and that I have the choice to drop that class. I chose to stay in special ed because they gave me all of the answers to all of my tests.

I do not know what it is like to have a mental illness. My entire life I believed I had a learning disability. One of my first classes at University of Phoenix taught me that everything I learned in a public school was wrong. I have a different learning style. I am not slow. I do not hear voices. I went through so much abuse in a public school, I have an obsessive compulsive disorder.

It wasn’t that nothing was treated. It may be true that if you use the wrong treatment to cure an ailment, it is going to fail. To be honest, I never had anything. I was a normal child who was treated poorly. A human being can take so much. If you ignore bullies, they get worse. They get louder and start beating on you. This will get a negative response and someone will lash out and start yelling back.

Just because someone doesn’t  like the way the victim responds, they label the victim and place them on medication? I am not a violent person and I was labeled as a disturbed individual. People do not react very well to that sort of news. Especially, now.

I could have pressed charges on the officer for assault and battery if I knew then what I know now. I know that many teachers want school violence to happen. Every time I went to talk to someone, the faculty antagonized me. They always said, “Your going to come in here one day saying that your going to kill yourself.” They said this every single time. Then finally I gave them the satisfaction and stated that I would. I was aggressively brought to a mental hospital for a 24 watch.

People believed the teachers and not me. They did not believe me because I was the minor. If I ever had children, I would listen to them and not the teacher. People need to start being proactive and listen to their children and stop pointing fingers.


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