Y 2 K, Y?

Since the dawn of time, people have attempted to predict the ultimate end. What does it really mean, though? We have been proven wrong every single time. Humanity is never going to learn. Society is never going to learn. We are never going to learn.

Think about this, eventually we are all going to die. Each and every single one of us. We are not getting off this planet alive. Is that what the end of the world means? Is knowing the end of all mankind meant to be? I do not believe we supposed to know. It’s probably not going to happen. Not unless the sun swallows our planet whole. That would be an interesting sight to see.

How do we know? Seriously, we don’t even know how long we have been here. If we do not know the beginning or remember, how do we expect to predict the end of the world? We don’t even understand that Armageddon is an actual location not a catastrophic event.

Perhaps, if there really is a God, He is waiting for goodwill to overwhelm this land. Maybe a supreme deity is waiting for us to realize that we need to be good 24/7.  People suddenly begin repenting and attending church when some lunatic is predicting the apocalypse. I think it is immoral to repent only to sin again. It’s like acting like working when the boss is coming into the office.

I remember when people were getting all frantic when the supposed Y2K bug was upon us. People thought that when the computers reached 2000, planes would crash and prisoners would be set free. Don’t we know what date it is without a computer? People were hoarding water and bread. I didn’t feel anxiety until New Years Eve and then was relieved to see that other parts of the world were just fine.

We freak out at the dumbest things. You would think that by now we would understand how the world functions and that the paranormal does not control the air that we breathe. People were scared that the Super Moon would make everything go crazy. People are always watching the sky under the impression that it is going to fall.

This behavior negatively impacts the thoughts of others. You are scaring the children, knock it off. I am having weird dreams about  meteor showers. I know nothing is going to happen because we are still here. We have NASA watching the sky for us and they are not panicking. There are countries that are a day ahead of us and they are still here.

Maybe, one day we will realize that we cannot predict the end of the world. Perhaps, this is our day of enlightenment. Hopefully, we will stop reacting to something that is not really there…there’s medication for that.


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