The Right to Discriminate

I think that this country is moving in the wrong direction. Why in the world are we permitting history to repeat itself? Do you understand why we have unions? I do and I am grateful that they exist. I have heard people make negative comments about unions and I tell them the reason why we need them.

Without unions, children would still be working. Without unions, the hours would be limitless. Without unions, people would not be paid or get breaks. Without unions, only white men would be working. Without unions, nobody would be working here in this country.

Before unions existed, children were working in factories under poor conditions. Everyone was working outrageous hours and were not making enough to pay for anything. This eventually would be one of the reasons the Great Depression happened. People began to fight back against greedy factory owners for better working conditions and mandates for child labor. If we never did this, women would not have went through the trouble for birth and voting rights.

I think that as women, we need to fight against anti-union laws. Have you ever heard of the Triangle factory fire? This is the same situation that is happening at factories in India that our country owns. The Triangle factory made clothes. The women who made the clothes were working in poor conditions. The boss made it impossible for people to leave. Doors were blocked to ensure that nobody was stealing items such as a string. The factory caught on fire and people could not escape. Women died in elevators, from smoke inhalation  and jumping from windows. If unions had existed then, this may never had happened.

In the society of today, we are in dire need of unions. In the 1980’s, Idaho voted for the right to work. Evidently, people misunderstood the definition of the right to work. Right to work gives employers the right to discriminate. They do not have to give you breaks. They can pay you below minimum wage. They can terminate you for any given reason.

I never understood unions. When I was working at DirecTv, supervisors treated me like garbage. Emily would pull me off the phone and interrogate me. She basically told me that my stats were bad because I gave up. She basically told me that I was deliberately causing a poor save rate and handle time. They constantly told me I need call control and DirecTv did not teach me call control.

I was terminated because nothing improved. I got my unemployment checks because DirecTv terminated me for no reason at all. When I worked for Qwest, I learned about unions.

If DirecTv had a union, the supervisors would have minded their P’s and Q’s. If someone yanks you off of the phone, a steward must be present. They make sure that the supervisor is being polite and abiding by the rules.

I have heard in various jobs people being cranky about how they have rights to breaks and higher pay. I ask them if they are paying extra for a union. When they say no, I explain that they need to be paying for a union for these rights. Until we get rid of the right to work, we will continue to need unions. We will continue to pay for unions. This is the most ridiculous thing. If you think about what has happened before and the fact that history is viciously repeating itself, you would understand the importance of unions and fight against anti-union laws.


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