Anti-Honesty Policy

     The personality of University of Phoenix is over defensive. When a person is telling a lie, they are aggressive in case someone does not believe them.

      I do not take my education with UoP for granted, don’t get me wrong. If I never went,  I would not have understood what a promotion looked like. If I never attended, my ex-boyfriend would still be living at my house ruining everything.

     While I was attending UoP, I had discovered how many people feel about for-profit college. People complain about pushy sales people. I know for a fact that people who work at call centers must meet specific stats. In most cases, people will cheat to meet these. This is exactly what University of Phoenix does. A report on Frontline indicates that people can be very dishonest.

     People will tell you anything to enroll you or make a sale. University of Phoenix will tell you how going to college will better your life. Nothing is taken into consideration if the person really wants to go to college or if he or she understands the purpose of the degree. I don’t understand what an Associates in Art will give me. If I want to be a journalist, I must submit writing to various publishers…not earn a degree.

     The one detail that University of Phoenix denies is the footage that was shot and played on Frontline. The video shows a representative telling potential students that a degree will earn them a better paying job. Which is basically what a better life means, a better paying job.

     The footage may have destroyed the integrity of Frontline because there  is correspondence from University of Phoenix on the website. In the correspondence they state that the footage was obtained without their permission or knowledge. Even though Frontline was dishonest, this cannot deny the footage of what University of Phoenix does.

     When I confronted the advisor about it,  she aggressively told me how the report was proven incorrect. How so when there is footage and personal experience?

     I had been called by the supervisor. He aggressively pushed for me to pursue a Bachelors. Again, I lectured him about how the available employment does not justify furthering my degree. He tried to convince me that the information is under the consumer affairs link.

      This does not justify University of Phoenix’s behaviour. Even if I had review the information and did the research before enrolling, I guarantee that someone would have been pressuring me to further my education. Like I said, University of Phoenix could care less about you. I have read numerous articles about pushy sales tactics and they are fact. Not to mention the commercials try to convince you that a higher education will earn employment.  How is this so when no employment exists let alone a job that pays higher than minimum wage that does not require a personality test?

     The other issue that was brought to my attention is the fact that for-profit colleges target specific groups of people. Especially those with little or nor income. When I was enrolling, I was between jobs. I told them that it might not be a good idea because I was not doing well on my assessment with Qwest. This was ignored and they continued to push until I finally gave in.

   A report on NPR mentions that University of  Phoenix targeted people in the military, people with disabilities, and the homeless. I found this alarming because if I think about it they targeted me because I will not make enough to pay for the student loan. 

     What is worse is the fact that they target homeless people. It comes to show that they make a profit off of how many students they enroll. Not to mention the fact that people who are attending a college that is not for-profit receives a higher disbursement check. Higher. People who attend a for-profit college receives less. This makes me believe that for-profit colleges embezzle disbursement money.  

      University of Phoenix denies the facts in an aggressive fashion.  It is a business school after all training new whiny, crooked business people. If I go to a college again, I want to go to a college with integrity. When you see complaints about college, you should take heed.


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