A Time to Listen

     In 1977, a school shooting occured at an elementary school. A girl lived across the street from this school and was fond of guns and violent movies. The detail I believe was ignored was that this individual was mentally ill.

     Her reason for shooting at the school across the street was that she did not like Mondays.  I am not old enough to remember the event, but I learned about it writing a paper about school violence and how it is blamed on media.

     I have not heard of violence at school until after I graduated from Borah High back in 1996. Not too long after school, Columbine. The irritating part about Columbine were people blaming the media. Were these two old enough to go to a R-rated film? Why place mandates to card everyone that walks through the door? I was working at Cineplex Odeon when this happened and never pondered how redundant carding was until after the Dark Knight shooting.

     Had anyone wondered if this has anything to do with people who are mentally unstable? I think that is kind of redundant to given the fact that I was labeled as “Severely and Mentally Disturbed.” I still don’t understand what that means.  If things were as serious then as they are now,  I think I would have been placed into a mental institution with no given reason. It would have been an excuse. Needless to say, I never committed a violent crime and mental stability may not have anything to do with it.

    As far as I have researched, children witness more violence outside of the home on the way to school. Every year, there are articles about school violence. I have read articles about random acts of violence committed at school from 1977 to present time. It has ranged from some random stranger on the street to students.

      School violence happens for numerous reasons. I watched a documentary on HBO about a group that took a school hostage. I think it was some political protest and these “adults” committed violents acts to students. Children watched other children get burned alive. Why do this to children? Why not do something to positively influence them? I would think if children are negatively influenced by adults, the same violent behaviour will happen in the future.  

     People are debating whether we should ban guns. Smoking weed is a federal offence and states are legalizing it for “medicinal purposes” and we know darn well that is not what people are using it for. Outlaw abortions and people go get it done illegally. What good is banning guns going to do?

     There needs to be tougher mandates on guns. How did Holmes get a whole arsenol?  How did a couple of high schoolers purchase guns from Walmart? We are too lenient on purchasing guns. We are too lenient on people who steal guns.

     As far as mental problems go, we need to start helping people with problems.  I live up the road from a mental hospital.  Every time I turn around, someone bi-polar is looking for a place to rent who is fresh out of the hospital. This never lasts longs because he or she stop taking their medication. It happens every time.

     What are we doing as a society with signs of mental problems? Nothing. What are we doing to prevent bullying of students and teachers? Nothing. Instead we point our fingers at what seems scary. As Marilyn Manson stated, people point fingers at him because he is frightening.  I am not a fan, but he is a kind soul incognito. I love listening to him speak and he says that we need to listen.

     Maybe we need to start listening. We need to start listening to problems. We need to start listening to the point of view of each other. We need to stop preaching to others what is right and what is wrong. We need to start practicing what we preach. People need to start practicing kindness instead of hatred. People need to start practicing generosity and not greed. We need to change as society. If we don’t, these violent acts are going to continue.


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