The Trouble With Phoenix

     University of Phoenix does not care about you as a consumer. You may think these are all lies…just wait until it happens to you. All they want to do is make money and that is the only objective because it is merely a business school.

     When my ex-boyfriend was living at my house, he was searching for a job and probably still is. He was complaining that University of Phoenix calling him all the time. I didn’t believe him because he didn’t give any information to them interested in college.

     He stated that on most sites such as Career Builder shows all of these advertisements for college. He stated that he said no to every single one of them. Even after he told University of Phoenix no, they continued to call his phone.

     I graduated University of Phoenix back in June. I complained to them about presurring me into pursuing a Bachelors. I have not received a list of available jobs since 11/14/12 from my transitional person.

     I went searching for a better paying job on my own. University of Phoenix refuses to tell me what my Associates is good for. I search AT&T for a better paying job. Before I can see what is available, I see advertisements for colleges. I said “No, thanks.” to all four.

     The next day, University of Phoenix was calling my phone. They called twice and did not leave a message. The day after that, they called my phone again. It was the normal snarky lady trying to enroll the gullible.

     Me: I need you people to stop calling my phone.

   Lady: Are you currently enro…

     Me: Why should I enroll when there are no jobs to justify this. I’m going to write a letter to the newspaper about how pushy you people are…

    Lady (with a snarky grin): It’s so hard to find a job….

     Me: Why should I enroll? To enhance my resume? For what? There are no jobs in Idaho! Stop calling my phone!!

     University of Phoenix is relentless. I’m surprised they do not have it on their record that I am not interested in attending college and that I have argued extensively to them about this issue.  University of Phoenix is stalking and harrassing me. It takes a ton of brass to call someone up after they said no thanks. What gives them the gumption to bother someone after they have told them many times no more? Money.

     What I am tired of are colleges pushing for consumers to get an education when jobs do not pay enough to justify it.  I think it is time to start pushing back. We have a trillion dollar college debt, we need to start taking action and do something about it.


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