Downside To Distance Learning

Now that I have created a list of the benefits of distance learning, I am writing a list of the downside of distance learning. As though I haven’t complained enough, but I have to be honest.

1. Technical issues. I have had technical problems from cell phone, Internet, and Axia. This is a major downside because it will cause a problem if you have to study, write a paper, or turn in homework.

While I was attending University of Phoenix, I was a Sprint customer and I have since canceled my account because of this. Most of the tasks you need to complete require cell phone use. When I was in Algebra, I needed to call a number for assistance. The cell phone dropped every single call. When I had to troubleshoot issues on Axia, the phone dropped every single call. I have many e-mails from when I called technical support and the calls were dropping.

Qwest/Centurylink has major issues with their service. The Internet was constantly malfunctioning and I had to spend time on my Sprint phone that kept on dropping calls. Then I had to call back and talk to some nimrod and explaining the same information again and again.

The same issue with technical support at University of Phoenix. This is really aggravating because they really don’t check notes on how many times you called and if the call was dropped. If they did read notes, they would not spend five extra minutes asking the same questions again.

If anything is not up-to-date on your computer, nothing works. University of Phoenix uses numerous programs that are temperamental  When I was in an information technology class, Adobe has to be updated. Other programs have to be updated to be in the class. Both of the Algebra classes require everything on your computer to be current. Then, when you think everything is fine, you are in another class such as Image Editing and Implementation. The other issue is that nobody can really troubleshoot. I had to call several times until someone finally explained alt codes to me.

2. On the Internet, nobody can hear you scream. If you need to call any faculty member, you have to wait 48 hours or more for a response. If you have a question about an assignment, you must call at the beginning of the course. If you have a complaint, you have to wait for a couple of days for a resolution.

3. The faculty does not condone with the truth. The main reason why I began this blog was because University of Phoenix threw a fit when I posted a video. The video did not have profanity or nudity. It was the common complaint about UoP. UoP is relentless and call you nonstop. The point of the blog was to stop complaining because you are the one that gave them your number. They disregarded the point of the blog and deleted the video.

4. The online library is no good. The library contains material of opinions. This is one of the reasons why I never believe that the Internet is a reliable source. I prefer the library because back in the day, people did extensive research without the Internet.

The benefits outweigh the downsides of distance learning. The inconvenience of the downsides, however, outweigh the benefits. You cannot learn anything if nothing is functioning correctly. Not unless you are intelligent or have telepathy.


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