How To On Providing Excellent Rental Referance

     Next time I look for room mates, the next requirement is a rental referrance. This by far should be the best background check compared to a criminal background check.  Trust me, criminal background checks do no good.

     1. When the landlord has rules, you abide by them. Especially, if you signed the rules. If you are beligerant and break rules, you have lost a reference.

     2. Be respectful to other tenants. Bad behaviour will lead to others moving out of the residence. If you cause this kind of disruption, you lost a reference.

     3. Put in your notice. If you bail without giving notice, this causes an inconvienience for the landlord. This will cause you to lose a good reference.

     4. Ask for permission before you do anything. The landlord is displeased when you change locks or take his or her much needed tools. People also despise you if you eat their food without asking first.

     5. Pay rent on time. Here in Idaho, you get three days notice if you do not pay your rent on time. It does not matter how cold it is outside, either. Nice try.

      This is not my first time in a room mate situation, but I am treated like I am stupid. Asking previous tenants information about a potential room mate will inform you on the personality of the person. If it is the type of person who breaks rules and disrespects everyone in the household, they are the type of person that needs to look elsewhere for a studio aparment.


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