What I Am Thankful For

I will not be one of those people standing in line for Black Friday. Someone made a post online about how people celebrate thanks on Thanksgiving and then rushing in the store like a bunch of maniacs for things that they think they need. I am not that type of person.

I think that Black Friday is the most crappy time of the year. People are beating each other up. People are robbing others and the store. Black Friday has to be one of the most dangerous times.

I have heard twice of people opening doors at Walmart getting trampled to death. To death. These are human beings trying to make a decent living. Without considering that these people were humans, they are murdered by people who want a good deal. Is this what Christmas is about?

Before you go trample on others for cheap merchandise, you should keep in mind that these are people with families. This year, people cannot stay home with their families for Thanksgiving dinner. The holiday season is about caring, giving, and sharing. I think it is obvious that just about everyone lacks this emotion.

People say it is the thought that counts. I believe in this statement. When people are being greedy, is there thought behind the present at all? All you are thinking about are the savings? What about the individual who you purchased the item for?

I am perfectly happy with receiving clothes. I enjoy used clothes or used kitchen items. I am the type of person who recycles stuff, as long as it is not someone else’s shoes. If you make me jewelry, food, or blankets, I am pleased. You don’t have to buy me stuff, I would like to spend time with friends and family. You don’t have to trample others or kill innocent people to get me the perfect gift.

The perfect gift comes from the heart not from your wallet. I would like to see a holiday season where people are considerate to others. Maybe we should try it this year. If your against corporate America, it is probably a good idea to go with home made gifts.  I am thankful that I am the type of person who would rather spend time with her family than stand in line with potentially dangerous maniacs.


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