Benefits of Online Distance Learning

     I have complained enough about online education. Even though I have come to terms with paying for my education, I am still bitter. I do know that benefits exist for an online education.

     1. No gasoline required. Most colleges require you to travel from campus to campus. Boise State University has locations all over the valley. Most classes you have to travel from Boise to Nampa. If you do online college, you don’t have to do much driving unless your Internet goes down.

    2. No need to fear an audience. If you have a presentation on Powerpoint, you don’t have to stand in front of a class. When I was taking Image Editing and Implementation class, the students were more than willing to share their final project with one another to see what everyone thought about it.

     3. You have the Internet at your fingertips. Most websites are not reliable. You want to avoid all Wikis. I normally conducted research on History Channel, Discovery, and PBS. The tests are open book and this makes online college really easy. I got straight A’s. I never used any of the online material because the books did not make sense. The only books I did read were U.S. History, Environmental Science, Religions of the World, Critical Thinking, and Spice of Life. The rest of the material was of no use to me.

     4. Nobody can shoot at you online. The worst someone can do is insult you or send your computer a virus.  If you go on campus, you may risk being shot at. This goes for any kind of school.  Any person can walk into a class room and ruin the lives of students.

     5. You do not speak directly to students or teachers. This is beneficial to someone like me. I had a horrible experience going to school as a child. Teachers and students bullied me consistantly. If you go to school online, they can’t really pick on you. Sometimes you will experience a teacher that makes snotty remarks or has a smart alec question. This problem is easily resolved by asking a question about what they meant or giving them a clever come back.

     I cannot think of many benefits. Otherwise you are comparing apples to apples. People say that University of Phoenix is one of the most expensive colleges out there. If I look at it, I disagree. Most online colleges are more expensive than University of Phoenix. Full Sail University seems to cost more than UoP. If you go on campus if costs about the same because of the cost of materials and gas.


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