Reasons I Am Not Furthering My Education

1. I am still single. I am 35 and never been married. I do not have children.

2. I am a homeowner. I am still making payments on a mortgage and accumulating a $50,000 bill is stupid. I already cannot afford to pay an extra $100 for a car payment. I have things to take care of around the house. Things are falling apart because I have not been able to take care of for the past two and a half years.

3. I can’t socialize. I paid more attention to college than friends. My social life has been completely eliminated.

4. Jobs that require a Bachelor’s degree pay between $10 to $18 an hour depending on experience if you are lucky to be hired. Most of these jobs are part time.

5. University of Phoenix does not understand the word no. In fact, I have been numerous complaints about what I have experienced. This college targets military, low income, disabled, and homeless people. University of Phoenix started out as a business college. Business is all about pushy sales. $$$$$$, is all that University of Phoenix can see. I don’t see how because it is nothing but debt, unless they make a profit off of debt.

6. I don’t know what my degree is for. I have an Associate in Arts. $25,000 for a useless degree. University of Phoenix will not give me a list of jobs I can use the degree for. The only thing they do is send a list of jobs that require a Bachelors or something that pays $10 or less. I made $14 an hour at DirecTv…WITHOUT A DEGREE.

7. College is a scam. I no longer believe the rhetoric that employers are searching for people with a Bachelors degree. If they paid higher, I would not think it is rhetoric.


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