Grow Up America

     I have a concern that this country is headed in the wrong direction and right back to a civil war. People are acting like children and are need of discipline. You would think that this aggressive tactic to further your education would have taught people how to think. 

     We have not evolved since the Civil War. A civil war happens when people are set in their own ignorant ways. There is no way around it. War is like a virus and it festers. The sad part about it is that we never do anything to remedy this. We Americans permit acts of hatred occur. 

     When we first arrived, or would that be the second time because we failed the first time…when we finally had a settlement, people were prosperous. The soil was rich and crops could be grown and traded for profit. Then religious turmoil took place and people ran away to this country for religious freedom. This, of course was not successful because people were accused of being witches and were burned.

    Anyway, at this point we had a North and a South. The North was not successful and did not have anything to trade to survive. The soil was horrible and the South was greedy and did not share the wealth. So, wars come and go and America becomes industrialized.

     As more technology is introduced, the more competitive the North became. The North was building the railroad and had more popular items to trade such as grains and lumber. The South began to lose profits on cotton and slaves. Slavery was not what caused the Civil War and the South shouldn’t have cared anyway because they could no longer make a profit off this atrocity. Slavery, however, was the straw that broke the camels back. 

     Abe Lincoln became president. He was not part of any abolitionist movement and participated in the condescending behavior toward slaves. He did however help America abolish slavery. The South was angry with this concept and did not want to lose their precious slaves. Again, why did it even matter? Perhaps they were still making some profit off of slaves? So, the South sought secession. 

     President Lincoln did not like that idea and so the Civil War ensued. The Civil War was the most brutal in in American history. Everyone suffered the loss of loved ones, homes, and financial stability. Everyone was exhausted and many were skeptical of Lincoln’s position as a president. In fact, he was losing the war.

     He knew that the South depended on slavery for a profit and this was the only thing they had going for them. In order for him to win, Looking for Lincoln mentions that he abolished slavery to win the war. At this point, we are further into debt than ever. 

     The South had lost everything and they were ticked off about it. People still fought well after the Civil War and formed groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. Racial tension continued. Jim Crow came and virtually left. African Americans faced lynch mobs, fires, and segregation as though they had a choice to be here to begin with. Where do we get the gumption? 

     Now, that Obama won the second race, people act as though nobody voted for him and Romney should have won. People forget about the ones who did vote for Obama and try to petition for an entire state to secede? Really? I don’t want to be a part of a secession. I voted for Obama. I do not want to have any part of these childish petitions. People signing these petitions are practically saying that I do not have a right to vote. 

     I fear that we may face another civil war if this happens. The people who voted for President Obama do exist. He won, get over it. Instead of creating petitions, we really should be coming together to fix this country. If people hate the government so bad, we should vote in a manner that will reshape the government. If you hate the president and being part of America so bad, move to another country. I’m positive the indigenous people of this land will enjoy that idea.

     It makes me wonder what would have happened if the president was a Native American. What kind of fears would people have? Most people are saying that the government needs to do some serious soul searching. I agree with that statement because it appears as though America is still in search of equality. Democracy is supposed to stand for equality after all. 


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