I have a confession to make. I contributed to this failing economy. It is not for the reasons that DirecTv has accused me of.

     For three and a half years I worked for DirecTv. This was my first inbound call center job.  I never really learned anything there except that blackouts have something to do with money and how to troubleshoot with my eyes closed.

     I was never taught call control nor was I taught how to manipulate the system into thinking I am saving a ton of accounts. Instead, Emily Gilbert would yank me off the phone to antagonize and interrogate me about the handle time. This was because the VP Ellen Fillipeck (or however you spell her name) kept on displaying a lack of professionalism by yelling at the supervisors on a regular basis.

     Before I was terminated, I had purchased a house.  People used to say how a call center is “such a stable job.” I was pretty much under the impression that I would be fired if I did something stupid such as commit fraud. I thought everything was fine.

     After a year of my job being threatened, I lost my job. I was in between work and things were chaos.  I get hired by Qwest. I get salmonella from the Blimpies in Nampa and missed a day of work.  I missed important information and continued with my training in hopes of a new job.

     In the mean time, I get shuffled into college. I did not EVER plan on going back to school. I was manipulated into going to University of Phoenix. All Mabel Sayegh could do was say, “Don’t you want to better your life? How come you don’t want to better your life?” I kept on telling her that I might not have my job with Qwest and it is probably a bad move to attend college. She continued to pressure me and pressure me.

     University of Phoenix started out as a business college. So, pushy sales is the objective and that is the only thing that the college knows. Needless to say, I gave into the pressure and attended. I attended without full knowlege of how long I was going to go. I was told that everything was going to be covered so I should be just fine.

     I failed the assessment with Qwest as I told University of Phoenix. I continue with college because it was something to do while I searched for new employment. I gain employment with my current employer. I was under the impression that college would be done within six months.

     Months go by and more classes such as Algebra appear. I call University of Phoenix to ask how long I was going to be going. They said two years. Two years?!?! Nobody told me this. I was not happy. I asked who the hell was going to cover the second year. Verbatim, “You made too much at DirecTv for the second year to be covered.”

     After many complaints, the manager has the gumption to tell me I had to search the ENTIRE website for the information on how long the courses were. This should be disclosed up front because nobody told me. I was manipulated into going to this good for nothing college. To be quite honest, I do not know why I even went.

     So, I unwittingly accumulated debt that I will never be able to pay. I have a $109,000 mortgage in a town that does not have any jobs. I have to commute to make a low wage. Next month, I will have $25,000 loan from University of Phoenix. In order for me to survive between jobs I accumulated $2,000 worth of credit card bills.

     The other issue is the irresponsible spending of money. I have the occassional needs like appliances, pet care, clothes, and health care. I cannot stop buying products for my nails. I have to splurge every so often. I even purchase coffee or Red Bull every day. I could probably save $120 a month if I did not buy coffee. How would I survive without it?

     I have a confession to make, I am contirbuting to debt. The bills need to be eliminated. This is virtually impossible because nothing was cared for while attending college. I have not been able to do anything for two years and everything is breaking and adding more to this mess.


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