Adventures In Voting

The first time I ever voted was four years ago. I didn’t want another George Bush running our country, so I chose Obama. He seems like an intelligent fellow. Per prior blogs, I have been annoyed with the President for screwing over the country by encouraging us to go to college and jacking up the interest rate. This country has a trillion dollars worth of college debt because of this rhetoric.

So, new election day comes. I hate Obama and hate the alternative even more. A friend posted a rant when Romney lost. She stated that out fellow Americans are morons and that Obama is going to steal our money. If it were not for Obama, you probably would not have that nice house of yours and I wouldn’t have my new heating system that I cannot pay for. If Obama thinks minimum wage jobs are spectacular and he is telling us to wrack up a trillion dollar bill, we need help to afford to live. Don’t you think?

I’m not saying that the economy is completely the government’s fault. We stupid Americans did this. We are the ones living beyond our means and using the government as a scapegoat to get away with over spending. We are spending money without understanding the consequences.  It’s called being financially responsible and America is not.

I was challenged with locating a place to vote. I received a pamphlet stating I had to register again since I did not participate with the local elections. I hate our local politicians. When I was looking for a place to vote, the website told me the location. The website did not recognize me.

So, I take a shower and get ready for the day. I forgot already where to go because I do not know my way around Nampa. The website suddenly forgot who I was including the address. I could not find any phone numbers on the Idaho website.

I drove around town and I could not find any place to go. I swung by the court house and asked them if they knew. They had a phone number for someone to call. I finally got in touch with someone and they directed me to the correct place. I was not showing up in the website, but they did have me on a paper list. Ah, the age of information technology!

After election day, I learned what an idiot Donald Trump is. Only he would say this is not a democracy. When we first arrived to this continent, only rich people could vote. When Democracy was introduced, all classes of white men could vote. Yes, Trump, this is democracy and you sir, are a jackass.

After Obama has won for the second time, the only thing I would say to everyone is it is time to get off your fat lazy as and get to work. We screwed up the economy and we need to repair it. We are the ones that fell for the rhetorical devices and created a trillion dollar bill that is higher than credit card debt. President Obama is not superman. He told us last time he won that this was not going to be easy. He said last time that we are going to need to work together.


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