How Did THAT Happen?

     When I was 19, I moved out of my dad’s house. Between 19 and 29, I  either lived at mom or dad’s house, apartment, or a friend’s house. I learned that acquiring employment was just as challenging as finding a place to rent.

     The first place I moved to was an apartment on Overland in Boise. I never got sleep because fire trucks were racing up and down the road all day. Renting the room was easy because I knew these people already. When everyone moved, I moved.

     I never enjoyed living at my father’s place because I always thought he was a loud person that tried to dictate how to live my life. He was my parent, but I disliked it. I disliked the fact that he had other people living in the house that caused me distress.

     I never enjoyed living at my mother’s house because I had to commute to work. When it snows, I pretty much cannot go anywhere no matter what car I drove. I once drove a Dodge Neon and slid off the road the moment someone in front of me could not keep their foot off the brake. You don’t do that in the snow people!

     I was always challenged with finding a place to rent. I didn’t have much of a credit record until I rented a duplex and needed a washer and dryer. Most people would not let me rent because I lacked a credit record or references. Not that I had a horrible record, I couldn’t remember all the places I moved to.

     The last apartments I rented were studio apartments. I learned to never rent from Wright Property Management the hard way. They had roofers working on the house who never cleaned up their mess. It was like I could never leave because one fine morning I slipped on debris and sprained my ankle. I ended up paying for it, not them. Wright Property Management is an irresponsible landlord; do not rent from them. Even after I had pictures and my list filled out, they claimed I did not complete the form…I made a copy before I turned it in.

     I moved to Jefferson Apartments. That was my favorite studio apartment. The bathroom was gigantic and I was not placed in any danger. I felt safe. Then I listened to a friend and I moved into a swinger’s pad.

     This was no fun because it was nothing but drama. My things were constantly being given away by someone else living in the house. There were always morons living in the house throwing a party when I needed sleep.

     I lived there for three years. Three years of being mistreated and other people owning dogs. I was told I could have a dog. I think someone caused drama when I finally found Frank. The landlord was yelling at me in text that I could not have the dog. So, when he left for work, I moved without giving him notice. That is what happens when you treat people like crap.

     I looked for another apartment. Nobody was calling me back, not even my treasured Jefferson Apartments. Much to my dismay, Frank has a high pitch bark and howls. A one bedroom apartment was ranging around $700. This was about the same as a house payment in 2008.

     So, I became a homeowner in an area where there is no employment. At the time I was working at a good paying job and was not thinking about the worse case scenario. The first night in the house I was kind of creeped out because I was alone and the house is very old.

     I get a room-mate. This was where I am learning what a bunch of scum balls people in Nampa are. She kept on going in my room and spreading false rumors to all of the men she was sleeping around with.

     I had another room-mate move in. All was well except for the drama the original room-mate was causing. I eventually had to evict her because she was causing the worst drama I had ever encountered.

     The longer I live here, the harder it is to find someone to live at the house. People are either too stupid to read all of the information about deposit or rent or they bail. In most cases, bots respond to your advertisement trying to scam you.

     The time frame between finding room mates was longer and longer. So far the longest has been six months. Like I said, no employment exists in Nampa and too many people are scum bags.

     It does not matter if you do a background check. This is a waste of time. The last one I did one on had a clean record. He rummaged through my things, stalked me online, and sent me perverted e-mails. I evicted him and nearly pressed charges on him. He ruined the room and peed all over the bathroom floor.

     That is another thing. People will sign a contract and ignore what they signed. People still smoke in the house instead of outside. Most will drink too much and give beer to minors. The current one smokes in the house as though I can’t notice. I can smell it, my family smokes and I know what it smells like. Where do people get the brass to pull crap like that?

     It baffles me because of all the homes that are being foreclosed on. Where are all of these people? Most are living at their parents. Most are living on the street because nobody can find a job. I know how hard it is to find a place to rent. Why is it so hard to find someone to rent a room?


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