What We Ignore Hurts Us

Why do we ignore anything that is dangerous? Are we trying to prevent panic? I believe that if we understand how danger impacts the globe, we can take action to eliminate it. One danger that humanity in general ignores is radiation. The subject is ignored so much, we do not even know if radiation can be eliminated.

World War II should have taught us how dangerous nuclear weapons are. The testing that they did in the United States should have taught the world. It should have taught us that using anything nuclear is dangerous and that we should cease. Does anyone pay attention to the warnings? No.

People use rhetorical devices to ignore how dangerous anything nuclear is. What angers me are people who say, “That is just a myth.” Every myth has been a proven fact. I am angered by people who say, “Well, this town and that town has a nuclear plant.” These nuclear plants need to be put out of business and torn down. Remove this crap, it is deadly. Radiation already exists? Yes, that is because we as humanity have been playing dumb and created this disaster because of it.

Back in the day, the military tested nuclear weapons. If I can recall correct, these tests were in Nevada. What several states know and what Americans ignore is the fact that nuclear clouds from the tests floated into various towns. Most of these towns formed a class action lawsuit and sued the government. Most towns, such as Emmett, Idaho has not.

There are people in Emmett with a scar on their throat because of thyroid cancer. I have been to doctors for an examination in Emmett, Boise, and Nampa. The only doctors that will check your thyroid are the doctors in Emmett. Even people in Idaho believe it is a fallacy that nuclear clouds were in Idaho. If someone is checking my thyroid, I would be concerned as to why.

The other thing I have read is that the IQ level had dropped significantly since nuclear testing. I’m not sure if that is a fact. I have read numerous articles in Boise Weekly, who I believe does not count as a reliable source because they are always on a quest to find Val Kilmer in downtown Boise when he never has lived there. I guess Boise is full of wishful thinkers.

The fact of the matter is that we absolutely do not know how long radiation lasts. For all we know, radiation exists for infinity. Think about this, Hiroshima is still facing the effects of nuclear weapons. This was in 1945 and the world has never been the same since. Because we were stupid, we live in fear that someone will drop an atomic bomb. Because we were stupid, people are born with deformities in Japan. This may have stopped the war, but people are still living in fear.

Then, we pet a burning dog. What I mean is that we know that nuclear weapons are dangerous, but we use nuclear energy? Did we not learn our lesson? I am more fearful of society more than ever. What brought on this train of thought was the hurricane on the east. For starters, they were going out of their way to protect the nuclear plants. Then I read an article where someone stated that this is worse than Chernobyl. How is this worse? It is not worse.

Chernobyl was an accident that happened back in 1986. One of the nuclear reactors had exploded and left thousands of miles under radiation and killed thousands of people. Nobody understood the dangers of the nuclear clouds. People worked at ground zero to clean up the mess. Children were born with horrible deformities. To this day, the levels of radiation are high. The vehicles in the area contain a deadly amount of radiation.

This makes me think of Fukushima. People are rightfully panicking. Japan already had a nuclear bomb dropped on them and now a nuclear plant is placing them in the same danger. Even government officials were trying to comfort the citizens of Japan and tried rhetoric to make the Japanese believe that everything is fine. We already know nothing is fine.

I already understand that people try to disguise radiation. Radiation is incognito around the world including America. This is similar to reading articles that the military discovered nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Suddenly, our government was in denial that nuclear weapons even exist there. What is wrong with this picture?

If we are going to resolve anything, we cannot ignore it. Ignoring something does not make it go away. If you ignore bullies, they do not go away. If you ignore bills, they do not go away. If you ignore pain in your body, a problem gets worse. Do you see where I am going? The only thing that goes away are the scary monsters that we see in our sleep.

We need to deal with radiation and the threat of nuclear weapons in a civil manner. We need to be empathetic and smart about it. We need to remember what happened in the past. We need to plan based on the past, present, and future. The longer we ignore this problem, the worse it will become for humans.


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