Dating Today

     How did we ever find a significant other? How do we do it without the Internet? I really want to know how. I think the only way to date is to do a background check.

     You know, kind of like that background check machine on Amazon Women on the Moon. Did I just date myself? There was a part in the film where a couple meet for the first time to go on a date. The lady asks for a couple of forms of identification and discovered that the man was a total scoundrel. We need something like that in the society of today.

     The only thing that people use dating sites for is booty. That is the only thing that they use it for. They do not read any information on your profile and get straight to being obscene. You cannot imagine how sick of it I am.

     How did we ever do it before? I cannot remember. Before, people met each other through friends and lived happily ever after. I met boyfriends at school. I met them through people I knew at work. It doesn’t work that way anymore.

     I have had my fair share of men who use dating services to cheat on their wife. Then the others tried to control my life when I never said that we were dating. I had to block a few that turned into predators and stalked me. I am so fed up with it.

     It really hurts because I have never had the chance to be in a serious relationship. I have never been married. I do not have any children. As I see the silver creep into my hair, I become more discouraged with society. It’s all crap. Honest people do not exist on this planet anymore.

     I remember that guys would say that I can have any guy that I want. Really? I hate that statement because it means that no really you cannot. The man who says it is the one that I want. The statement means I can be with anyone but him. That statement really hacks me off. Every time a man says that, he deserves to be punched in the nose. They really need to be punched in the face for trying to shove me off onto their friends as though I am a bowl of weed.

     What really makes me mad are people who tell me to join groups or go to church to meet a man. For starters, I am not religious. I am certainly not interested in attending church to meet a possible pedophile. As far as groups go, I cannot find any that I am really interested in. Idaho has a closed mind, I will not find a group of my interest. Trust me.

   I have a hard time with dating because of previous men who treated me like I don’t matter. One practically ruined my home. Everyone else just used me. So, I do have a hard time staying interested in those who pursue me.

     I have been in a great deal of pain lately because there was the one that “got away.” There is a saying that if something leaves and does not come back it was never meant to be. If it comes back it was meant to be. That statement is far from the truth.

     A few years ago, I was with someone briefly.  I thought he up and vanished because at the time a couple of drama queens were causing trouble. Much to my surprise, he responded to one of my comments I placed on a picture of his three years later. Come to find out he vanished off the face of the earth because he was arrested.

   So, he was back in my life. He went on a trip to Arkansas. Sometime after he left on his trip, he changed his status that he lived in Arkansas. To make things more difficult, I don’t have a way to drop what I am doing and leave Idaho. Not too long after that, he is suddenly a father. In the past few days, he announced that he was engaged. Like I said, the saying is completely inaccurate.

   I sometimes wonder what things would be like if I did not own a house. To be quite honest I would rather rent and have the capability to go when I please. Things were not much different when I rented. Things were not much different when I was going to college. The dating situation has not changed and I notice that there is no such thing as dating. Just like Santa Clause.


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