Fragments of Human History

   As we discover more bones from a long time ago, we begin to think about how fragmented our past is. Do we really know where we came from? Do we know how long we have been on this planet? The answer is, not really.

     If you think about it, we really do not have anything documented about our past. Caves and boulders may contain drawings, but we do not understand what we are looking at.  Traditionally, stories are handed down from generation to generation.

     There is one piece of information about people in general that we all know. When a story is being told from person to person, information is wrong by the end of the line. Most people will tell the story how they understand it. Most people will use the wrong words. Most people will manipulate information to make the story sound better or worse. There is no way around it unless it is written down.

     Writing goes back a ways. One piece of literature mentions that Nefertiti lived during the stone age. The Amenhotep family is known for their tablets. I thought the stone age was cavemen? These Ancient Egyptians were people who were walking upright, building pyramids, and writing mathematic equations on papyrus.

     As my mind rambles, I think about the fact that we do not have many memorable authors. The only ones I can remember are Shakespeare, Poe, Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, and James Patterson. Just to name a few. I am not aware of authors from clear back during the stone age.

      So many things exist on this planet and we do not know where they came from. We do not have a date on when Hinduism was created. I noticed an argument that the Hindus wrote a story about atomic warfare before it even existed. There was a place found where it appears that there was atomic bomb dropped a long, long time ago. How do we know a bomb wasn’t dropped there without our knowledge during the 1950’s?

     I think it is interesting how people think that the world is going to end.  Every time I turn around, there is some stupid prediction that the world is going to end over the weekend.  How would we know that when we don’t know if we may have been here since infinity?


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