Dear President Obama

As far as your job goes, you should be fired. Unfortunately, I hate the alternative. If Romney wins, we are in a whole lot of trouble. Romney is the definition of pure evil and something very bad will happen. I don’t trust someone who can’t make up his mind about his own opinion.

I will vote for you under a few conditions. Not much, we voted for you to make a change. Some changes happened, but not for the better. In fact, you encouraged us to contribute to this debt.

1. Stop encouraging people to furthering their education for a degree. Why earn a degree when no employment exists? College debt has made it to a trillion dollars. Who is going to pay for it? The government?  The United States government should pay because you encouraged us to do so. Not everyone is interested in going to college. The people who want to go should be encouraged to do so.

2. Stop using rhetorical devices to get a degree for a job. Again, there are no jobs to cover the trillion dollars worth of college debt. This is irresponsible.

3. We need to put an an end to building more companies that pay minimum wage. More and more and more minimum wage employers are popping up everywhere. Isn’t a degree supposed to help someone acquire a better paying job? University of Phoenix stated that the benefits of earning a degree is a higher paying job. If you want us to further our education, give us higher paying jobs.

4. You and Hilary Clinton encouraged us to get further into debt, do not raise the interest rate. It’s already bad enough we cannot pay a trillion dollar bill. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that the government keeps raising the interest and threatening to make it higher.

Granted, this economy is not entirely your fault. You are not the one who gave banks money when they already have money; Bush did that. What is admirable is the fact that you stepped up to the plate when everything was a huge mess. The economy has been a mess since we first set foot on the soil of this land.  If this country wants to make it change, we need to go in a direction that will make a change for the better.


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