More! More! More!

     When I moved to Boise in 1995, I was introduced to the world of the Internet. My boyfriend at the time was playing games like War Craft and Meridian 59. After school, he would wait until his friends came home so they could play War Craft. We spent countless hours fighting monsters on Meridian 59.

     Many games, various Internet connections, and social networks have been created since I first began zapping various creatures. I quit playing games when Everquest was released. I despise that game with a passion because my characters were always getting killed and I could not gain experience points.

     I have since broke up with Andrew and moved onto other things without the Internet. Every so often I had a dial-up connection. Then I met some new friends and started hanging out on Myspace.

     I began playin games online again. The games were a little different. All you have to do is have a profile on a social network. The only time you pay is if you want to have cool objects. Fake objects. Why do we pay for things that are not real?

     It is not real, people! I refuse to pay to play games online. It is a waste of money. If I want to buy clothing, it will be for myself and from a store. If I want to buy food, it has to be something I can really eat.  Not to mention the fact that people hack into accounts. Because Facebook wants to tell everything your medical history to your social security number, it is a stupid idea to purchase items that will never be in your possession.

     What really aggravates me are the multiple quests the games give you. I just want to play, I don’t want to complete quests.  Not everyone I know plays, so it is pointless to do quests because you need more people to help you complete them.

     In addition to the million quests, they keep on adding more lands to travel to! Why? How come you have to travel to all of these different worlds when you can complete quests in one place? My connection online is poor and I’m not going to upgrade just so I can play games online.

     As though there are not enough games, they keep creating more. The more games that are created, the less participation there is for the original games. I am so fed up! Why invite me to play if your not going to play along with me?

     My plan is to stop playing games altogether. I am playing Castleville and some cafe game. These will be the last games I will ever play online. I have other things to do. I want to go out and do stuff. I want to complete tasks around the house. My house is a mess because of online games. I have no social life because of online games. No more please.


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