What Youth Needs To Know About Bullying

      The school bully goes back a ways. My parents probably had them when they were going to school. I had to put up with them in school. It doesn’t make it right. If bulllying has been around for a long time, why suicide?

      Things seem more extreme because when I was growing up, we did not have Youtube or any social networks. The Internet was a twinkle in the military’s eyes. In fact, technology was taken away from us children. We had beepers and walkmans. Cells phones that take pictures did not exist.

     I went to school in the 80’s and 90’s. I walked to and from school. Everyone walked to school unless they lived in the country. There were some instances I was beat up when I was on the way home. I was bullied in school by students and teachers.

     My response was to yell at them. As a result, I was put on anti-depressants. I was placed in special education. Did anything happen to those students? I don’t believe so.

     My parents agreed to go with the decisions that the teacher’s made. They did try to resolve the problem. The bullies lived on the street that I had to walk down. At one point, the police would monitor the street to make sure I was left alone.

     The one thing that the victims of bullying must understand is that people do change. Most people do not and continue to be little jerks until they die. Most bullies are having a troubled life at home and taking it out on others. Most bullies are insecure or ignorant. As you grow, you may understand this.

     Sometimes when I go to my home town or run into people I knew, they are friendly. Most of the people who were terrible to me grew up into adults. Most people who bullied feel bad for what they did and want to apologize. Most people probably don’t even remember. Some people do remember and try to bully again.

     The ones that try to bully again, I can just threaten to call the authorities or take them to court. Think about it, with the technology of today you can block people like that. If they strike you, you can press charges for assualt and battery. The teachers are not the law as much as they think they are. People harrass me and I can press charges on them.

     I don’t hit back or bring weapons because those jerks are not even worth it. Not to mention that they will be adults some day. You all will be adults one day and you will look back and laugh at how stupid it was.

     I went to a funeral recently for a long time friend of the family. When they were looking at pictures, we noticed how beautiful they were as children and teenagers. As they recall, others did not express the same emotion. Even though someone is saying that you are ugly, you need to know that one day they will say otherwise.

     My mother stated that parents may not be aware. Parents are aware. I remember parents encouraging bullying. I have watched numerous videos online where parents are egging their children on. We need to work together as a whole to end bullying. We are aware of it, it doesn’t make it right. If you ignore it, it does not go away.

     Until that day when we finally work together, I just want to tell the youth what I know. People may be doing horrible things now and posting it online. People eventually change as time goes by. Do not let it get you down. Do not let it make you angry. If you let it upset you, I notice the consiquences are terrible. The ones bullying should get in trouble, not you.


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