Popping Corks Too Early

     For the past few days I have been seeing reports of jobs on the rise. One report stated that we have a long way to go. If we have a long way to go, we are screwed. The increase in jobs is nothing.

     To start off with, companies are hiring for the holiday season. Holiday jobs are temporary. You are lucky if you keep the job after the holidays are over.

     Companies keep building more buildings for more minimum wage jobs. It’s still a job? Really, but you will be tired because you have to have five minimum wage jobs to put in a full 40 hours and to be paid a decent wage.

     A majority of jobs are for sales. Sales is a crappy way to help this country recover from the recession. Nobody can afford to pay for the services that sales people are trying to sell. It is not consumer friendly. There should be a law that states to not sell something to someone unless they are looking for it.

     When I look at the way things are supposedly working, I think of how the Great Depression began. It was not simply the stock market crashing. People are living beyond their means. Companies were terminating people left and right to the point they did not have any customers to purchase merchandise. Companies kept on building more and more buildings and more and more people are loosing jobs. Do you see a pattern here?

     The change we need to make is letting companies terminate people for no reason at all. This is why we need unions. This is something I will discuss later. We need to stop building all of this crap with minimum wage jobs. We are wasting time and material. We need more jobs that pay you enough to pay for the college that these people are encouraging you to attend.


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