War Against Teachers?

     I believe that teachers have come a long way.  Teachers could not always do the things that they do today.

     As generations change, so does society. I think that this battle toward teachers is derived from the fact that we know what most teachers do and we are sick of it. I have had experience with excellent teachers and horrible teachers.

     The good teachers show compassion and are personable. My favorite teachers were Miss Inlow and Mrs. Kilgore. Kilgore was my teacher in school and church. She loved teaching Spanish and Little House on the Prairie. Miss Inlow was a personable person that did not teach any bias.

     The terrible teachers I had were arrogant and taught hatred. One of my high school teachers stated that if she found out a student was a homosexual, she would send them straight to a counselor. Another teacher was laughing at footage of an African American being beat up during riots. It never stopped there.

     I have had to put up with being picked on because I was from a small town and the fact I was in special ed. I had an opportunity to drop that class, but I was given answers to all of the tests. The teachers in Boise thought that because I was from Emmettt, I only knew how to farm and I never was taught how to write a resume.

     I had a teacher that believed that she could treat her students like she treats her children at home. Evidently, she thought she could antagonize her students and hit them. I thought child abuse was illegal?

     Teachers think they have the right to medicate students. This is something that needs to stop. I am under the impression that teachers cannot handle various learning styles and think that students need to learn the same way.

     I spent a majority of my life thinking that I was disabled. I was on every anti-depressant from Prozac to Zoloft.  After going to college, I learned that there was nothing wrong with me. I have a different learning style that teachers do not have the ability to accomodate.

     I think that most people in my generation understand that “lemon” teachers do exist. These are the teachers teaching students how to be biased and turning them into zombies with medication. You cannot learn anything if you are full of drugs. I’m surprised I learned anything. I don’t remember most of my childhood because of all of the abuse I endured. This is something I will save for the next blog.

      I think that we need to fight for the good teachers and terminate the teachers that want to make a negative impact on society. If we want to make our world a better place, we need to turn it into a positive place to live in. Teachers contribute to that. Parents contribute to that. Students learn from parents and teachers. If we have bad teachers, how do we expect students to change the future for the better?


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