They Shoot Dogs Don’t They?

Most people that are not from Idaho may be shocked to hear that police shoot dogs. It is shocking when you hear police in the distance shooting and then screaming. It makes you wonder why. Why not use pepper spray? Why not use a taser?

I have come to the understanding that pepper spray will only make a dog more angry. I have not heard of anyone using a taser on a dog nor do I know if that will harm it. Most things are more harmful to canines than humans.

On average, I read about two to three reports each year about a police officer shooting a dog. The first time I knew it happened was when it was in my own neighborhood. One thought I had in mind was, why let your dog run loose when there is a cop knocking on your door?

Not too long after it happened in my neighborhood, it happened in Boise. It wasn’t a pit bull like most people assumed. It was hard too say if the dog attacked the officer or if it was the cop being trigger happy. More reports were written about police shooting dogs. There was one Halloween when I took Frank downtown. Every time I saw a cop I said, “Don’t shoot, he’s unarmed.” Surprisingly, nothing happened.

The quick generalization is that cops will shoot your pets for no reason. That was until today, KTVB posted footage of the Nampa police shooting at two dogs. It makes you think twice about the personality of police officers. Most people forget that they are human beings as well.

In the footage, the police are doing a welfare check. The moment the officer knocks on the door, you hear the dogs barking. They are waiting for a while for the people to answer the door. Next thing you know, the dogs are charging after the officer who was knocking on the door. They shoot the dogs and then the owner is running outside screaming at them.

I have always been nervous about permitting my dogs to bark at police officers. None of them have ever shot at my dogs or my parents dogs. My father had a dog that was aggressive and was barking at a cop one day. The cop was fine with it because Buttons was wagging his tail.

My dogs are passive, but I still put them away until after someone is in the house. They will chase a cat, but would not know what to do if they caught it. I think it is more responsible to lock up your dogs in a crate or another room when a police officer is at your house. Especially, when we cannot predict how a dog is going to act.


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