What I Miss About the Movies

     The movie theater is now a loud and obnoxious place. As the prices raise to a monthly car payment, I think to myself, “Is it really worth it?” I go to the discount house, but you still cannot get away from the advertisements screaming at you from the screen. This is a place you take your date to, why make it impossible to communicate on your date before the movie?

     When I was a child, I went to the Frontier Cinema in Emmett. Curtains (remember those?) covered the screen and the theater was silent. Unless children were running around. Then when the movie was beginning, the lights dimmed and the curtains parted. It was magic.

     When I was working at The Reel Theater in Boise, things have changed. The curtains were still there on the screen. Music played softly while people waited for the movie to begin. Then there was this huge deal with copyright and the theater had to play music from discs made by some company. Sometimes the theater would play movie sountracks.

     When I worked at Cineplex Odeon, they played discs that had music from the movies that were playing and it had advertisements. Then came along Edwards, things began to change. Sony bought Cineplex Odeon and it became Loews Cineplex Entertainment.

      Things seemed to get more beligerant. The theater had about five deals with popcorn and soda. Loews changed it to one popcorn and one soda and jacked up the price to $7. Edwards was playing a slide show with quizes and advertisements and then all the other theaters began doing the same thing.

     The music got louder and the quizes got repetitive. Since then, Loews closed down and the Town Square Cinema was torn down and now has a PetSmart in it’s place. The slide show has turned into a slew of television commercials and then more movie trailers before the movie began.

     Going to the theater has lost the magic. You have to go to be silent until you leave the theater. You cannot go to the theater without being bombarded with commercials. I want the old theaters back. I want theaters to be magical again.


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