Spud In Manhattan

If you consider traveling to New York, you should. I did when everything was just peachy with the world. I was working minimum wage, paid rent, and didn’t care. When I learned Ralph Fiennes was going to be in two plays and I had vacation time, I decided to go.

There are a few things you need to know about New York if you have never been there before.  First of all, you need more than a week off. Secondly, you should take a friend. Third, don’t ever take the bus.

Manhattan is a large place. I am not a country girl and most people speculate that I know how to farm. Again, another long story for later. Going to Manhattan will make you feel like country folk. Many things are distracting, especially if it is new to you.

People do not wait for lights to change. They go ahead and cross the street whether cars are there. Cars keep on going whether or not someone is crossing the street.

There are people there shoving literature in your face expecting money from you. All throughout the day, profanity is being belted out on the street. Oh, and there are people completely covered in paint on standing on the sidewalk.  They stand very still until you give them money. It’s a pretty funny place to be.

I saw large movie advertisements on the sides of buildings. The Cup-O-Noodles at I believe is Time Square is steaming. Many of the places are three stories that are normally one floor. Virgin Records was interesting because one floor had books, the next floor had music and movies, and the basement had Loews Cineplex Entertainment. When I went to McDonnald’s, there was a piano player.

They say it’s a city that never sleeps, but there are many places that close in the afternoon. If you want to go to the museums, go early because they are very large and have many exhibits.

Another reason to ask for more time is that they have many musicals. I never had an opportunity to go to one. Cabaret was playing at Studio 54 and that would have been awesome.

If you travel, you want either a plane or do a road trip. I took Greyhound and the service was terrible. On the way, the luggage was lost and then recovered in Chicago. Upon stopping in Manhattan, the driver was screaming at a couple who did not understand that they needed to remain seated. On the way back, a woman with a newborn was being mistreated. The plus part was that everyone was protective of me.

If your going to go to a play in Brooklyn, make sure you have a ride before and after.  You want a cell phone in case no rides are available because the pay phones are filthy and missing the 9 and 1. On my first bus ride to Brooklyn, a Mercedes rear ended the bus… I don’t know how you do that. I don’t know what it is about buses in New York. When I got there, two buses going different directions collided head on.

To avoid confusion, the subway is called a train in New York. It makes sense because it is a train. The only difference is that the train is underground.

I had a good time in New York. If I have a chance to go again, I will do it differently.  Next time, I will ask for more time and take a friend. I will never take the bus again.


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