Love Wins Above All

These are inspirational times. These are fragile times. The world is going through a drastic change and history is repeating itself three fold. There is much going on in my mind, especially after attending Religions of the World at University of Phoenix. This class changed my life forever. I think that it is a class that is mandatory for public schools.

I was not converted into any kind of belief, I still do not go to church. Religions of the World teaches people respect for other cultures. It is a class that helps people understand how other cultures function in the business world. The class teaches unity between each culture. I think that this world thrives on faith whether it realizes it or not. I never knew how spiritually I spoke until I was in this class.

It makes me want to weep when people show another religion with disrespect. It is nothing new in America. The indigenous people, for example. No matter what region of the globe you are in, tribes teach a lesson that people should respect this planet. This is our only home, isn’t it? The state of our planet and the rubble that was worshiped is a reflection of how we treated tribes.

The Latter Day Saints were chased from state to state by lynch mobs. People still show hatred toward them today. Did you know that those who practiced Judaism were segregated along with African Americans here? I didn’t know this until I was taking U.S. History. It never stops and I think that this country is headed in the wrong direction.

I do not find it justified to burn holy books from other faiths. I do not find it justified to make hateful films. Nazi’s did this, didn’t they? I do not find it justified to act out in rage toward childish actions. I do not see the Sikhs rioting in the streets when they are shot here in America. They have not done anything and they treat the situation in a peaceful manner.

I watched this video where these people were protesting an expansion on a mosque. One lady stated that she did not want Muslims taking over the country to dictate to us. What does that make her? We have Christians dictating to  women whether they should take birth control or not. Christians were the ones converting indigenous tribes to live like white people.

I am not a Muslim. I am not a Latter Day Saint, even though most relatives refer to me as one. When I was younger, I practiced the Nazarene faith. Like Latter Day Saints and Jehovah’s Witnesses, Nazarene is a new religious movement. I do not know much about Nazarenes, even though I was one. The one thing I was taught is to be respectful of other cultures.

When Desert Storm began, it was on a Wednesday. I know this because I was going to church that night. Many of the youngsters, such as myself, were uncertain what to make of this. The preacher told us a story about how people were probably just as frightened as we were. We were told that we should respect people even if they do not practice the same faith as we do and to treat them with compassion.

We should because if you think about it, each faith is similar. If you put together all faiths, you learn that they teach love and respect. They teach love and respect for out planet, all living things, and each other. What is there to fear of that? I am more afraid of hateful people than people who show love.


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