Things You Jump Through Hoops For

I don’t jump through hoops that often. When I do, it is for the most stupid things.

1. Grants

Before the housing market crashed, I was looking for a home.  Before I bought a home, I was permitted to adopt a dog and was yelled at when I adopted a dog. I bailed on the landlord and went on a search for an apartment.

As I searched for an apartment, Frankenweenie lived at my mother’s. She told me that he had a high pitch bark and howled. I figured this would cause an eviction. Not to mention that a one bedroom apartment was $750 a month. My favorite studio apartment for $350 a month was not calling me.

So, I located a real estate agent and she was more than willing to help me…so to speak.  I was told I may qualify for a $25,000 grant, but I had to take a class that cost $50.

I wasted my time in this class that was about homeownership. I know what to look for and what kind of maintenence to expect. I learned that any Joe Shmo can inspect the house and $100 is down the drain. I thought that would be the worst of it, but I have a sappy tree and neighbors who seem to think my property belongs to their children.

I pretty much spent the day in this class. After I signed for the house, I was told I did not qualify because I made too much at DirecTv. That company is the thorn in my side for many reasons. Because I made too much, I did not qualify for grants for college or the house. Because I don’t have that job anymore, I don’t qualify for anything at all because I do not make as much as I used to. That makes no sense, but that is what is happening in this economy.

I would have to say that when you see a grant, try to get it. It is free money. Even if you don’t plan on getting an education or a home, get those grants while you still can. It’s hard telling how much longer they will exist.

2. Maintenance on Water Heater.

Believe it or not,  Intermountain Gas will not come to your house for a service call. The only thing they do is turn on and off the gas.  I called the warranty for the house, they helped me find a technician and then sent me the bill.  I canceled the warranty because it is a waste of money.

I  have to call numerous companies for someone to service the water heater. This process takes at least two hours. I end up leaving messages and no call backs until later. This always happens when I have to work and during the winter. The answer is always a service call is available in two weeks.

You learn what companies you never want in your house again. A-1 Heating and Cooling is a joke and so is Dave’s. Trust me, you don’t want these companies in your home.

A-1 arrives at my house. He made an excuse that it was a coupler when I already replaced it a year prior.  He takes the water heater apart aggressively. I don’t get charged and I am on my way to work.  I get a message from my room mate that the house smells like gas.

Intermountain arrives and there is a high percentage of gas in the house.  Much to my dismay, A-1 stripped the cable that goes to the ignitor. I call A-1 again. He takes it apart aggressively and is coughing his lungs our from the fumes.

A-1 : Well, just what I thought…it was the coupler.

Me: No, I just got that replaced. You damaged my water heater.

A-1 (grumbling):  See, you do someone a favor and this is what you get.

Me: Who are you?

A-1: A-1.

Me: GET OUT!!!

Swiftly he gathers his stuff and leaves.

Dave’s is childish. I make an appointment on Saturday. I call the same day to see how I can give them a payment method. No call back. I call the day of the appointment, I am nearly forgotten and they said they would be there in five minutes. After an hour, I call trying to figure out what is going on.

Then they arrive. They look at the heater and were amazed. They have never worked with one of these ones before. After a few minutes, he tells me I need a new water heater and it would cost $1300. Then he said he needed to order parts that would take 3 to 5 business days. I told him I could not afford that and they took forever get to my house.

I told them to leave, they didn’t put the connections back together. They call back whining on the phone for a payment. I told them he didn’t put it back together. They whined that I cussed him out. Dav’es is a whiny company that lies through their teeth.

3. Kidneys

I am probably not at an age to understand this obstacle. I have noticed that people older than me have this problem with doctors that could care less that there is something wrong. I thought doctors were supposed to take care of you. I’m not irresponsible. When I drink, it’s on a rare occasion. I have over done drinking once every other year.  Yes, I am stupid when I drink nothing but energy drinks.

a. I had kidney stones.

ii. The urologist at St. Alphonsus was a dick. I was given good information about kidney stones. The bad part was that he gave me Flomax. I should have been paying attention to the other doctor who was looking at him like an idiot. Stupidly, I took Flomax and my brain felt like it was going to pop. Flomax is for prostates, not kidney stones. My trust in doctors have completely diminished because all they want to do is make a sale on expired prescription drugs.

b. I had a problem with my bladder.

ii. The problem came from medication I used for an imbalance. The first doctor I went to was Primary Health because it was Labor Day. They put me on drugs for a UTI. It was not a UTI and they referred me to my family practitioner which I do not have. I spoke to my gynecologist and they gave me horror stories of Fallopian tube pregnancy and ovarian cysts. I already told them I have a history of kidney problems. I went in and found that I still had crap left over from the imbalance. They looked for a UTI again after I told them that’s not what the problem was.

Needless to say, nobody was listening to me. Doctors are too obsessed with making money. It just makes the entire country jump through hoops because we all end up taking the wrong medication. We all are at risk of using drugs from third world countries that have an expiration date.  The doctors are not doing anything because they have dollar signs in their eyes.


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